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Wings enslaved 4 SEP 2019 AT 11:46

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- wings❤️

Disembodied voices echoes
Shadows of all our memories of togetherness of all our yesterdays hanging arround me
Burdening me as dead as doornail now
I am in paralyzed soulless body
Even pain won't get felt by
Morbid ,bated breathe now getting restless
Self destructive thoughts eclipsing my mind
Causing gut wrenching slithery time travel to banished wild blue yonder
Making melodramatic change to my thoughts
I feel...
My master conjurer now getting meddlesome cryptic  encounter of all luminous dreams
Those endless torture making me restless
As if devil incarnated
Slashing all my delusions
Making repetitive convulse of self destructive thoughts

So downhearted I wandered as if god is not watching sins of our ancestors!
Or My prayers ar unrelenting!
Not getting listened yet through these empty walls?
My love is not complete without you...

Now I am begging
Asking to give the kill switch for
or kill with kindness please

I wish to die for
Accepting defeat!
From all my yesterdays memories!
Entangled with you my love!

-wings ❤️


#emptyhomes #yourquoteandmine

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