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Joined 4 April 2019
23 SEP AT 14:12

kissing on my neck
your warm breath
touching me
your tongue
enveloping me
from every direction
making an art piece
one of a kind
that tingling sensation
reaching to my core
making my spine erect
let me arch my back a little more
for you to groove into me
come, darling
make me sore.


22 SEP AT 19:27

my fingertips
wrapping you
watching you
under control of
my tongue.
my hair gripped tightly
my eyes sparkled
vision blurred
with tears when
I felt you deep in my throat
was so perfect to satisfy
for you came undone!


21 SEP AT 20:16

i am still hugging you
again and again
dreaming about you is like
i am still writing you
again and again
All the same emotions
you encrypted in different
languages to my soul.


21 SEP AT 20:12

Those kisses
Ahh, Always relieves
from the chaos!


17 SEP AT 19:34

A wild beast getting
flesh and blood
Consume me as if
the ravenous animal
within you having me
let's be naked
make sure
not a single layer of
clothing between us
remains to interfere
let my belly shake
within your masculine grip
touching you
let me feel the thunder
to my every inch of skin
let us freeze time in
those passing goosebumps
so rare!


16 SEP AT 17:53

warm my skin
like a burning candle
let me melt
all my passions
to cover you with
the salty feasts
you are seeking for
the pleasure unmatchable


15 SEP AT 18:17

my unmade bed
still dictates all our
savored moments
in the creases of the soft
supple satin sheet
preserving that slow pace
of lovemaking
trespassing each other's
boundaries to reach the pinnacle
creating a fine art piece
hyping all our flaming desires
in a unique way!


14 SEP AT 20:26

Sitting on your lap comfortably
with every passing chill
I am still learning
to convey the depths
of my wants.

For it is so unknown
to me like a mirage
through you darling
I am reaching to
all those new destinations
where every warm breath I inhale
is so unusual, making my essences
to drip from my luscious skin

now you gasp my aroma
and get drunk.


13 SEP AT 23:36

Still your razor-sharp edgy style
to see into my eyes
conveying all those exotic demands
your husky whispers into my ears
making my spine arched
and veins bulged
I smell so unique
in the anticipation for
every unfolding desires to get
fulfilled with your
gentle caressing and rough strokes


12 SEP AT 23:20

I am dancing without music in ecstasy!

A full piece in the caption 💜


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