Wings enslaved 聽 (wings鉂わ笍)
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Wings enslaved YESTERDAY AT 19:02

I lived half of my life
In that belief :"you are all mine"
But in reality you are not


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Wings enslaved 4 DEC AT 22:14

It makes me sad everytime I see
Empty space beside me
On the same bench
Still vacant for you
Making conversation with my loneliness


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Wings enslaved 4 DEC AT 21:00

Waves of heart drowning us
in that moment
Moment in which we both swirling
dissolving our presence in eachothers arms
Surrendering without asking
no words,no actions
no questions,no doubts,
All that unspoken desires are now
taken care of
You making me cry,pinching to my soul,
My touch to your core
making your wildest fantasies alive
We reach at the unknown
destinations of pleasure
Where we dissolved into one rhythm
Which is making
the ultimate lyrics of eternity!


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Wings enslaved 4 DEC AT 19:12

Erotic aisle


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Wings enslaved 3 DEC AT 19:55

Take charge
Rule out all my doubts
Strip those melancholy
Layer by layer
Free the butterflies of
condemned desires within me
Let them be free
Let them get rid out of the coy
Let them flutter
Let them fly
Reach to my farest sleeping demons
I will obey the royal decree
Today become my king darling
Let me be your queen


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Wings enslaved 3 DEC AT 17:08

As a jumbled JIGSAW
Place your lips on
each and every curves,
look not even a fraction
should be left unkissed
Unfold each my layers by
your magnatic brush
Let me moan while you do so
clutching me deep
While you entwine
yourself with me
Making irreversible knots
darling i feel
You making my soul free


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Wings enslaved 3 DEC AT 9:10

Don't just Stop at there
It's hard to hold on
Let your eyes touch
Let your breathes see
Let your fingers taste
Let your tongue smell
Sip all my flooding lust
Let my oozing ambrosia
Fulfill your enduring thirst!


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Wings enslaved 3 DEC AT 8:48

Wear me like a precious ornament
As the beaded body necklace with
Diamonds of the preserved, ceased juices
Let it make zigzags on my skin imprinted
Giving shimmering ecstatic touch
Of those blooming flower petals
To connect two souls
To get eternal pleasure
To the ultimate merger
-wings 鉂わ笍


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Wings enslaved 3 DEC AT 0:36

Many times it's not
The pain
that you left me
It's illusion preserved!


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Wings enslaved 3 DEC AT 0:30

Chock me
Let the roaring wolf
In you have all the power
Let my hands remained clasped
Let you spank on me
Give me that ultimate pleasure
As a reward you are getting in


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