Wings enslaved   (wings❤️)
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Wings enslaved 5 HOURS AGO

While making love
Darling, I will not complain
Do naughty moves
Let your fingers play
On my velvety skin
Let your spanks make me feel
The pleasure of the other level


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Wings enslaved 6 HOURS AGO

बिन बुलाए ही
कभी आके तो देख
मेरी आगोश में।
अपनी किसी अनकही सी
ख्वाहिशों को भी
जि कर तो देख
मेरी आगोश में।
अनसुना सा नगमा कोई
यूंही में गुन गुनाऊ
तुभी बाहों की अंगड़ाईयोकों
नए शब्द दे कर तो देख
मेरी आगोश में।


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Wings enslaved 20 JUN AT 22:05

Waiting in the dark
Naked and wild
The bloomed flower... oozing
The aromatic fragrance of lust!


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Wings enslaved 20 JUN AT 18:59

An ode giving you
next level of orgasms
again and again!
Don't frame me in
any definition
Relish your self in
my wilderness
Have that ultimate glance
of my true self!


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Wings enslaved 18 JUN AT 22:14

Let my fingers get entangled
Into your wet hair
Let me kiss you
On your shoulders
Wearing bare skin
You are giving me
that seductive affirmative gaze
Ohh darling come on
It's never gonna too late
When you stand in front of me
Naked and affiliate...


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Wings enslaved 9 JUN AT 14:51

Tied, chocked, still
Anticipating much more
I was ready
I was waiting
Waiting with my eyes closed

You will sure take me
To the next level of eroticism
With your spank
With your bites
With your ultimate intimate touch
You will make me feel orgasms
Again and again
My master


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Wings enslaved 1 JUN AT 23:32

Carving paths through all
odds into the wild
Darling your kiss
So intense
Giving me satiety and bliss


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Wings enslaved 31 MAY AT 23:48

All hidden unseen urges
Those unheard verses
Will anyway convey
My lust, your thirst
My passion, your attraction
Let's reach to that zenith


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Wings enslaved 17 MAY AT 18:52

Smokey brown-skinned
Sure will guide you
To the distant fumigating


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Wings enslaved 9 MAY AT 21:42

Tonight, make my night
Come closer
Fill it with your sparkling
Make new destinations
on my skin
to hive yourself
Flutter in with your lust
Let me feel your thirst
Let us pour some moments
Of togetherness


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