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Wings enslaved 25 JUN 2019 AT 23:45

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- wings❤️

I Lost Me
When I was a little girl!
Was introduced to the world
The world of fairies!
The world of fantasies!
I was happy
Having all my dream come true
By role playing...
Wasn't aware
In life...
I need to play many more

After all these years
I now realised
How versatile I could be
As a daughter
As a sister
As a wife
As a mom!
As a friend
As a daughter in-law
It's countless many more
and so on....
But I'm not
Available for me!
No... no more.

In each page of life
They demand me to put
new mask!
As if I am an expert
I innocently wore
Each and every
Imbibing all along
Without any arguments
Without any hasitate

With each new chapter
life demands
With each demand
I reshuffled my thoughts
In these vicious cycle

Now I realised
I lost Me
The real self
In fulfilling their demands
In completing their stories
I even forget
To dream for me!
As if I buried Me
Under all that
Burdening masks!

Little bit worried
Little bit scared
How would I look
How would I recognise
If I somehow
Come across to

-wings ❤️

Dedicated to all ladies out there who can relate with my words by any means!
One or another way we all feel the suffocation , dissatisfaction which pinches.
thankyou for read
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