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Wings enslaved 8 JUL 2019 AT 13:33

Breathe in EtErNity!

- wings❤️

Trenching feline eyes
Teaching heart
Deciding destinations
on filthy coveting
Lusty self

Mind plotting
the journey...
Encroaching me
your musculine embark
stole into my pride

You crossed the threshold
Air wafting with the fragrance
of the most distinguished pious hope!

Eyes pinned
Greed driven
With despiration
Can't be more nobel
I won't to rebel

I am submerged
The waves of the lusty pools
So what?

Sweat beads rolling down
on my forehead
Making crescent crown...
Now it's Royal decree
of your queen!

Drench me into the ocean of
Abandoned desires....
Before the stony silence spread
Before the breath steadily set

Make me screech
With your ferocious
whirled moves
Let me faint,
abutting your skin
Scarcely I breathe!
In EtErNity!

-wings ❤️

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