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Rain | Moon | Stars
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Rain | Moon | Stars
Joined 23 December 2017
9 JUL AT 18:33

हर स्टेशन थोड़ा ठहरता है शहर,
मैं जहां चलु, साथ चलता है शहर


28 MAR AT 14:23

घर ढूंढते रहते है हम,
घर से निकल कर।


14 MAR AT 0:17

दौड़ती साँसे और
रुका हुआ में।


9 MAR AT 23:10

Rain makes you who you are,
Not whom you want to be.


8 MAR AT 3:37

Rain is my reset button.

I may be super active, energetic, and
very analytical on other days.

But when it rains, I sit at a quite place,
alone and numbly watch it rain. No reasonings,
no logics, no explanation. I sit there like
a child who just got home after
a rainy day at school.

Rain makes me feel human.
It makes me feel pure, serene, calm.

I don't know how can I thank rain
and moon for being in my life.
They make me feel who I am,
not who I want to be.


8 MAR AT 3:21

શું તને પણ વરસાદ ગમે છે?
શું તને પણ ભીંજાવું ગમે છે એમાં?

સ્થિર, શાંત આંખોથી,
આખો દિવસ વરસાદને જોતા લાગે છે,
જીવન સાર્થક છે.

વરસાદનો મર્મ પામવાનો ના હોય,
એને માણવાનો હોય.


8 MAR AT 3:14

કાળા વાદળોને લીધે અંધારિયો,

સૂમસામ અને ભીનો,

ઘરની બાલ્કનીમાં બેઠો,

ધોધમાર અને બેસુમાર.


8 MAR AT 3:09

No matter who was my first love,
my last would be the rain.


8 MAR AT 3:03

I had some work to be done before the week starts. So I was working today on a Sunday. It's not that I have so workoholic but I lazed out on Friday evening so just covering for that time.

The task at hand was a thing which me and my teammate was trying for accomptlish for past 2 days. Yesterday we got the base code running. Today I was working to structure the code and run it on some data.

I started my system and started moving my fingers on keyboard. It was a Sunday, so I opened a another tab and started Jasleen royal's Scoopwhoop video for some mild music.

And then youtube did it's trick. It played some very soul touching songs 9ne after another. I was very motivated. I felt more focused and relaxed. When youtube started playing last cigarette's songs, I could help but remember the rain and the walks.


23 FEB AT 1:10

ઉતાવળે શીખવે છે પાઠો આ જિંદગી,
અભ્યાસક્રમ લાંબો અને સત્ર છે નાનું.


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