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Rain | Moon | Stars
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Rain | Moon | Stars
Joined 23 December 2017
28 MAR AT 14:23

घर ढूंढते रहते है हम,
घर से निकल कर।


14 MAR AT 0:17

दौड़ती साँसे और
रुका हुआ में।


9 MAR AT 23:10

Rain makes you who you are,
Not whom you want to be.


8 MAR AT 3:14

કાળા વાદળોને લીધે અંધારિયો,

સૂમસામ અને ભીનો,

ઘરની બાલ્કનીમાં બેઠો,

ધોધમાર અને બેસુમાર.


8 MAR AT 3:09

No matter who was my first love,
my last would be the rain.


8 MAR AT 3:03

I had some work to be done before the week starts. So I was working today on a Sunday. It's not that I have so workoholic but I lazed out on Friday evening so just covering for that time.

The task at hand was a thing which me and my teammate was trying for accomptlish for past 2 days. Yesterday we got the base code running. Today I was working to structure the code and run it on some data.

I started my system and started moving my fingers on keyboard. It was a Sunday, so I opened a another tab and started Jasleen royal's Scoopwhoop video for some mild music.

And then youtube did it's trick. It played some very soul touching songs 9ne after another. I was very motivated. I felt more focused and relaxed. When youtube started playing last cigarette's songs, I could help but remember the rain and the walks.


23 FEB AT 1:10

ઉતાવળે શીખવે છે પાઠો આ જિંદગી,
અભ્યાસક્રમ લાંબો અને સત્ર છે નાનું.


23 FEB AT 0:48

The more I understand businesses,
The more I respect them.


5 JAN AT 2:00

फूल खरीदने गया था आज उसके लिए,
हर दुकान पर तेरी ही खुशबू छाई है।


5 JAN AT 1:53

आंखों में समुंदर और चेहरे पे चांद देखा है,
और कितना खूबसूरत बयां करू तुझे?


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