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Joined 24 March 2017
Vibhor Gupta 5 AUG AT 23:40

And the arrow kept on moving unknowingly,
It was a journey of unknowns,
To an unknown place,
Where even the navigation failed to decide the destination.


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Vibhor Gupta 6 JUL AT 23:48

A valuable asset,
never carries a price tag on itself.
So if someone doesn't know your worth,
don't be forced to put a tag on yourself.


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Vibhor Gupta 30 MAY AT 19:09

If you find an 'exception' of perfection,
In your real life,
Never use 'try' or 'catch' to handle it.

Let the 'exception' stay with you forever.


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Vibhor Gupta 26 MAY AT 14:19

It is easy,
To build a bridge,
Of false promises.

But difficult,
To walk,
On the feet of truth.


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Vibhor Gupta 28 APR AT 0:10

Materialism can only fetch you comfortability, not happiness.


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Vibhor Gupta 22 APR AT 8:07

Stop expecting things,
From people around you.

They always have ways,
To disappoint you surprisingly.


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Vibhor Gupta 19 APR AT 11:40

In order to search yourself,
From an ocean of uncertainty,
You got to break,
The rules of the game called life.


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Vibhor Gupta 18 APR AT 21:14

And the way,
The moon showered it's white light.

The scars of darkness,
Were challenged and healed quickly.


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Vibhor Gupta 16 APR AT 22:49

Never judge a writer from words,
Judge through it's emotions.


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Vibhor Gupta 13 APR AT 22:20

The people who want,
Will always stay around.

The people who want to leave,
Will find ways to do it anyways.


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