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Joined 5 October 2017
Varshaa 12 SEP AT 7:00

If you call someone as soulmate
travel like,
there is no final destination
perhaps, if it meets an end point
both the relationship and the soul wouldn't be mentally alive!


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Varshaa 12 SEP AT 6:37

Mind, Body and Soul
this trio never travel together
perhaps, if the union happens
definitely it lands on the destination called,


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Varshaa 4 SEP AT 6:42

'If something stops you to walk further! Then unlock your wings and fly high!!'
Somewhere she read.
Now those artificial wings made her to realize that,
Sometimes love exists with the pair
All the time love is in the air!!
Woman Pilot!!


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Varshaa 4 SEP AT 6:32

That moment when God has different travel plans for you!

"Due to heavy rain and flood all the flights have cancelled. But, don't worry we have arranged boats to shift you to the safer place", A voice announced in the Airport.

Flight to boat!!


Varshaa 31 AUG AT 7:48

Sequence of chain reactions
if we approach spiritually
it answers as an illusion!
if we explore scientifically
it surprises us with
incredible mysteries,
spine chilling eeries and
flabbergasting wonders!
Merely a life cycle is not enough
to understand the power of this universe!
It always remains as an
Unpredictable Enigma!!


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Varshaa 31 AUG AT 7:26

Not similar,
even opposite poles didn't attract!
no equal or opposite reaction, instead
no reaction from you!
some said,
true heart can feel the pain
but, you turned heartless!
thus, history of my time summarize that
there is no role play for science in our love!


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Varshaa 21 AUG AT 7:36

If you have the habit of loving someone deeply,
then never quit!
because, sometimes
your habit is someone's addiction!


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Varshaa 21 AUG AT 7:31

Friends or Family:
In a railway station,
"Why are you always painting a group of people and not an individual?", A child asked.

"Because, Human mind always darts on the things which it frequently misses!", The man replied.


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Varshaa 10 AUG AT 7:13

some contact numbers
few songs in playlist
always remains unused!


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Varshaa 10 AUG AT 7:05

If your
playlist matches with other,
when someone could perfectly
pen down your emotions!
somewhere in the world
you could find the
mirror version of yourself!!


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