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Joined 5 October 2017

Joined 5 October 2017
Varshaa 25 MAY AT 6:11

an inept poet
tried to scribble a love poem
miraculously it turned in the
Shape of you!
when I explored it further
it disclosed a Haiku called,
'My Life!!'


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Varshaa 25 MAY AT 6:00

the time
when you realize
What is life!
probably you don't
have nothing to


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Varshaa 20 MAY AT 6:21

You are my playlist
Either I skip or shuffle, but
Never want to delete
If I listen
Your memories automatically
Switch to repeat-mode!!


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Varshaa 20 MAY AT 6:17

The Anatomy Of Letting Go:

I exhale my love to dissipate in the air,
But, it transforms as fragrance and
Lingers around me to inhale!


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Varshaa 16 MAY AT 7:04

Not white,
This time his peace wore a new color,
A blue changed his blues!
From unread to read.


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Varshaa 16 MAY AT 6:34

Music and Books can't read someone's mind! But,
They can relieve someone from an emotional pain!


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Varshaa 16 MAY AT 6:23

I fall for you...
I travel along with your twists and turns,
I share your tears and cheers,
You never made me to feel alone!
I like to call you as 'Healer' and
Myself as 'Reader'!


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Varshaa 14 MAY AT 6:15

Last Goodbye

Though, I keep myself busy
And stay far away from you
Like the air, your memories takes
Only few seconds to occupy me!
But, how come my memories are blowing in favor of you?!
Am I easy to forget?!


Varshaa 14 MAY AT 6:06

He learned many arts to sustain their love!
But, like an out of syllabus
A new art arrived from
The end of the chapter called, 'Depart'!


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Varshaa 10 MAY AT 6:06

Some said as magic,
Few mentioned as love at first sight!
Only the two hearts are aware of their
Past love!!


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