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Joined 6 September 2016
10 FEB 2020 AT 1:05

Exchange of tired words
Uttered between dreamy sighs
The hum of slow music
Fills the night
Lanterns shine on us


29 JUL 2019 AT 23:56

It's not a ceremonious ending
No stars, shine or sparkle
Just the approaching end of the tunnel
Closing the gap between -
You and the Other

And when it's in proximity -
It engulfs you in a swirling whirlpool
Emotionless and dark

And when it ends,
you won't know it started...


18 JAN 2019 AT 23:11

Your touch
Like a thousand waves
Swirling and whirling
Yet holding me tight.
Electric jolts
Blue and black.
The moon has finally risen
And the brightness of the night
While tonight,
I fly into the stars ✨


12 JAN 2019 AT 23:14

Wine-stained lips
Sunrises and sunsets
Sweet cries of chaos
Sketched on peaceful purple skies.
Breezy evenings and
Beguiling scents of the air,
Among quests of broken desires

Your love has been
but a convenience


12 JAN 2019 AT 22:29

The silence moves in circles
And I feel enveloped
Like a child swaddled in clothing
But, of solitude
That's best worn during nights like these
Blue and grey
Soft, yet mysterious
I'd pledge to carry
tonight in my soul


9 DEC 2018 AT 21:30

Counting stars while the

Clock ticks through the chilly night .

Your scent still lingers


6 DEC 2018 AT 1:32

I remember the way those nights smelt:
Rain drops on green grass
Sweet scents of desire
Luminescence of a moon
Cascading o'er streets
Lined with earnest longings
Of an impending dawn
Fresh scent of a fondness
Novel like the first song of a nightingale
Pure yet beguiling
Relentless chirp of a cricket
Like innocent covenants.
And I remember the night you left

I knew the air would never smell the same again


23 SEP 2018 AT 16:25

10 inch blade
Dazzling at the edges
Curved at the right
Dangling by your side.
The first morning dew drops
Have premonitioned a murder;
The clouds have cried distress
And the lilies have withered
Raindrops have tasted
The agony in red drops of blood
Puddling near your feet,
Clad with leather shoes
Tainted now
Waiting to go back and be
Polished with your masculinity, again.
The day has witnessed
Our love that you slaughtered.
I catch the glint in your eyes
While in the distance, a black bird sings tirelessly


16 SEP 2018 AT 18:35

Every moment
That I'm not here
Though I stand on this ground,
Your image forms
And then, transfigures
Before my eyes
Only to explode
Into tiny fragments
Of my heart
Like a star's fission.
Each splintering apart
In pursuit of whatever it is
That was lost;
Every moment
That I'm not here
You must know, that I'm there...


13 MAY 2018 AT 4:24

This heart doesn't learn so quick
It's beat, scathed, scarred, abused
And yet,
It still loves.


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