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A published author, writer and an artist.
Joined 4 July 2017

A published author, writer and an artist.
Joined 4 July 2017
20 FEB AT 18:06

जिसे देखो वो मंज़िल तलाश रहा है
हर शख्स आईने में खुद को तलाश रहा है


24 NOV 2023 AT 9:26

I promise myself,
To indulge in things that make me happy,
To find joy in everything I do,
To seek peace in every situation,
To be grateful for every experience,
To be true to myself and others!


18 OCT 2023 AT 13:27

जब तलक ख्वाहिश थे, हर खजाने से अज़ीज़ थे हम
जब से हकीक़त हुए हैं, ख़ाक से भी बदतर हो गए हैं हम


7 OCT 2023 AT 14:07

When from yesterday's struggles, I haven't woken up,
When the chaos in mind is still playing havoc,
And the present moment doesn't seem to be enough,
I choose to be kind to myself

I remind myself, it's a trap of my mind,
In my cage of emotions, it's trying to bind,
No matter what I hold onto, it's a fleeting moment,
The Sun would still rise, the day would soon begin,
I got to rise up, I got to show up for myself

I've done it before, I can do it again,
I can release myself from the shackles of pain,
A shift in perspective is all I need,
For I understand well,
It's just a mind game!


27 SEP 2023 AT 10:56

You know what makes you radiant?

The dreams in your eyes,
The affinity in your voice,

The care and warmth filled in your heart,
Your strength and grit that make you a stalwart,

Your beliefs that reflect your true essence,
Your trust in self that shadows your presence,

That's what makes you exuberant,
That's what exudes your radiance!


23 SEP 2023 AT 19:15

The memories of my past,
The challenges I faced,
The pain I endured,
The obstacles on my way

Not because I thrive in my past,
But to ensure I remember the lessons I learnt,
To stop myself from repeating the pattern,
To avoid the pitfalls of judgment and criticism,
To embrace the scars that gave me a wealth of wisdom!


16 SEP 2023 AT 19:57

I would gladly give up the regrets I've piled,
For past, I know, cannot be changed
And lessons to me, it already gave,
So yes, I would choose to move past my regrets,
In the present moment, I would lovingly focus!


14 SEP 2023 AT 12:39

Not everybody can understand you,
Not everybody is meant to stay,
You have to walk your path,
No matter who abandons your way!


11 SEP 2023 AT 14:05

Remember, you are the main character of your story. Don't let anyone else dictate words to write your story!


9 SEP 2023 AT 11:34

To continue walking despite pain,
So I delved deeper into my pain

Nobody told me
To look for joy within myself,
So I continued to search happiness in the outside world

Nobody told me
That silence could be considered my weakness,
So I cocooned myself to avoid arguments

Nobody told me
That I didn't need others' validations
So I kept looking upto them for affirmation

Nobody told me
That I was enough
So I kept berating myself for my failures

Nobody told me, Nobody would,
A little voice within, is all I need to hear
A gentle nudge from self, is all I need to keep going!


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