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Ünnati Agarwal 20 NOV AT 0:49

.....♥TO MY YOUNGER SELF♥.......
I'm Sorry you went through that.
I'm Sorry to made choices that hurt you.
I'm Sorry that you believe that you ever unworthy.
No one is going to rescue you from yourself .
Sometimes you let go of people without even noticing.
People will change and things go wrong.
But always remember.

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Ünnati Agarwal 30 SEP AT 1:04

Jis Qudar jiski qudar ki
Uss qudar Be-Qudar hue hai hum...
Iss dil ne kabhi kisi ka bura nahi chaha
Wo baat alag hai ki hume yeh sabit karna nahi aaya...
Naa jaane kya nazar lagi hai iss zamane ki
Ab koi wajah hi nahi milti muskurane ki...
Khamoshiya koi samjhega nahi
Aur bayan humse hoga nahi...
Ek sher hai mujhme jo khamosh hai
Khamoshi ek nasha hai
Aur shayad me is nashe mein hu...
Naa saath hai kisi ka,Na sahara hai koi
Naa hum hai kisi ke, Naa humar hai koi...
Kher Agar Nikharna hai to Bikharna zaruri hai...
Maana Thodi alag hu, par galat nahi...
Bas Ab nahi kholna mujhe meri zindgi ki
Purani kitaboon ko
Jo thi mein wo rahi nahi
Jo hu wo kisi ko pata nahi...


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Ünnati Agarwal 31 AUG AT 13:51

What is Love?
When they cry,
They are sad, They are hurt,
We feel their Pain.
When someone hurts them,
We feel a fire inside in our heart
And can't forget them ever.
When we hurt them, We don't put our ego between us to apologise because we truly love them.
No matter how bad the time comes,
No one can ever replace them.
that's what Love is....
And if you try to put ego
between you both and still say you love them,
Then My Dear, I am sorry. You don't love them or You even don't know the meaning of True love... ✌


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Ünnati Agarwal 2 JUL AT 23:57

I don't like to talk about my situations.
Because I know If I'll talk, I'll Cry....
I can't be strong all the time
Sometimes I just need to be alone and let my tears out.....


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Ünnati Agarwal 26 MAY AT 13:51

You were the Book, I always wanted to read....

You'd always teach me something new
Make me do something crazier.
You'd not just make me laugh or cry
You'd make me feel alive.
And I loved talking to you
for hours anywhere, everytime.
You gave me the warmth of True Friend.
But most Important
You'd always keep going keep me going.
'You were the book that never ended
and will always remain close to my heart'.
You were the book I never wanted to lose.
But then I lost my dear.
And Now I don't want to read
anyone after that.


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Ünnati Agarwal 12 MAY AT 22:50

Living Dead, Being Alive...
Neither on Earth, Nor in Heaven
Somewhere in between
Slowly Vanishing Life...
Sometimes, I feel
'emptiness' engulfing
There is Nothing.
No Feelings
No emotions
No more The Real Me
The happy Me😞☹


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Ünnati Agarwal 5 MAY AT 20:40

Dear God,
I'm not Okay, I'm not Myself
I am drained.
Please calm my mind,
Please heal my Heart
And take my worries away!
If you can't then
Please provide me strength
To Face those tough situations
And to Be Alone.....


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Ünnati Agarwal 20 APR AT 13:43

Khwaabo Mein Aata Hai, Jab Uska Chehra,
Toh Hothon Par Aksar Fariyaad Aati Hai...
Hum Bhool Jaate Hai Unke Diye Hue Saare Gam Ko
Jab Unki Thodi Si Mohobbat Yaad Aati Hai...💖


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Ünnati Agarwal 11 APR AT 13:37

We try to hide our face, but we forget that
Feelings speak.


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Ünnati Agarwal 30 MAR AT 23:04

Zindgi kahan ja rahi hai Kuch pata nahi.....
Shukr hai ki doosre ka mann
Padhne ki kabiliyat humko Aati nahi.......
Galti kahin na kahin sabki hai
Kisi ek ki yeh khata nahi......
Apni hi uljhone me
khote rahete hai......
Apni hi pareshaniyo par
Rote rahete hai......
Jo karna hai aaj kar.....
Jo kahena hai usko nazar andaz na kar....
Tere aansuo ka hisab to us takiye ke pass hai
Jisse lipat kar tum rote ho......
Shayad tumhari Tanhaai ka hisab
uss tasveer ke pass hai
Jise dekh kar tum roz sote ho.....


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