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Joined 30 October 2019
26 JUN AT 15:32

If I work hard on myself I will be my own hero!


23 JUN AT 9:42

I know you're there
The Universe is calling
I look up on the stars above
Feeling calm
The realm of the wise ones
Is here
If you only bother to find it.


16 JUN AT 23:20

Hello fiend
Hello demons
I follow my dreams
Regardless what you say.

Hello my beloved enemy
Hello grief
I follow my path
Regardless what you say.


1 MAY AT 13:49

Hello anxiety
Hello my friend
I will leave you here
And my pain will end.


13 APR AT 23:46

Anxiety is here
On a visit
Saying "hello there
How are you?
I'm staying here!"
Oh no, not you!
I'm on vacation
In depression land.


12 APR AT 23:36

Is a story
A challenge
And joy.
A soul of a thief.

A thief of happiness
And sadness
Emotions and harmony.
Not less.

It's behind the eyes
Of the doomed
Neither one
Is without a story.


12 APR AT 17:19

I would be more open minded
Never clueless
Always wise
But I'm not
Because hate is stronger
It's unfortunate.


12 APR AT 17:09

A city of Angels
Pillars falling apart
They live in the fallen realm
Their heart
Ain't here
Longing for the beauty again.


11 APR AT 23:02

Happy day
Joy is coming this way
I wish you may
Enjoy your stay.


10 APR AT 0:34

Earth Angel, my friend
Your longing is valid
Looking up on the bright sky
Pillars of trust
You belong there
Even though
you must know
You also belong here.


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