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Joined 5 August 2021
4 MAY AT 22:41

Slow death of waiting for what might never even come to pass.


3 MAY AT 20:01

This life, we call it a poem or even a song
We call it a book, with unknown ending
We ask questions that fade with timing
We question hours, days always so long


2 MAY AT 20:17

Years of crying, longing, missing you
Young love that evaporated like mist
You promised to stay, to be there always
Yet life had other plans for our story

"Yours, always and forever," you said
Youngsters foolishly in love and happy
Yellow skies, we would watch evenings
Yes! We were truly happy then, my love

Yearly, I soak in the memory of us, then
Yards, I walk to put flowers on your grave
Yelling, crying, asking heavens, "Why?"


22 APR AT 0:16


We were once strangers,
who became friends,
friends who turned into lovers,
lovers who are back to being strangers.

Two lost souls, wanderers,
never staying in one place for too long.
What we seek, we don't know.
Who we are, we are yet to find out.

What I know is that we shall vanish,
In the stream of madness and sadness,
Of the darkness of our souls,
Sad, lost, lonely, effortlessly drifting.

I hope that one day,
we find our light and sanctuary,
we find our home and heaven,
away from this darkness, and hell.


16 MAR AT 22:09

Perfect in my eyes
I sigh
So in love ❤️


9 MAR AT 12:30

Anything is possible on this day.
Remember, tomorrow isn't promised, today is the only possibility and opportunity.


9 MAR AT 1:05

unleash all the
demons inside...😈


8 MAR AT 21:19

Being celebrated by having my decisions respected, being respected when I express myself in being the woman that I am. Don't put me in a little box of what your mind or society says a woman is supposed to do or what a woman can't do. Celebrate me by saying, "I finally understand, you won't live according to my standards, and I respect that."


7 MAR AT 23:06

For the first time ever
I marveled at this wonder
Called the ocean


7 MAR AT 21:09

What if I tell you the truth that will hurt
Overnight, my life suddenly changed
My heart deceived me unexpectedly
Another soul touched my heart deeply
Not even being with you ever did that


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