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I can keep painting shades and
smudging flavours on my lips, lining
them perfectly as per your taste,
love. My cracks can break chains
and peel my skin off, if need be. But,
let me not mum the fact that the
tender flesh and cupid's bow of
these lips will stay unaltered. That is
what makes them, mine and if you
compel me even to undo my
naturals, then words escaping
through them would be bland and
blunt which would then lead to
wrapping each other's lips no longer.


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Puttesh: Tomorrow I have interview.

Others: All the best

Lenny: Oh. Don't give them over/top/front/side view.
Just interview. Okay?!

Puttesh: 👀👀


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have no idea of what's trending
and what's not. It's okay to be a total mess,
yet smile. It's okay to reply with just a NO.
It's okay to weep at home and step out with a wide grin. It's okay to be selfish when you can't please others, no matter what. It's okay to skip one day of your routine and isolate yourself. It's okay to ask for help without hesitation any number of times. It's okay to vent your anger before it builds up a pile of restlessness. It's okay to be ordinary and just wish for happiness all around. It's okay to lie when truth is more unbelievable to accept by them. It's okay to be carefree when worrying wouldn't break mountains. It's okay to not be okay all the time.


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Sail through the storm or
let the storm ail you; you decide.


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I'm not her
(story in the caption)


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The Tangled Tangent 18 HOURS AGO

One in a million

When jammed amidst numerous choices or maybe a million, fidget for days, months or even years. But, decide on the basis of a stand-alone star that graces your sky while you're still awake. Those that show up when you're slumbering in silent pain are too far away to glow up your life. They barge into your space cowardly in groups. They keep blinking and do not have guts to straight away look into your black hole eyes. There is no wrong in eloping while the roads are still empty, with your sun who is a million in one. "Congratulations" is all the rest can greet you when they see you return more charming than before. Self love will lead you to your true love and that day your shelves will have no dust. Even if they do, it'll swirl around his rays on you.


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The Tangled Tangent YESTERDAY AT 17:40

Like a rushing wind
you strike my skin and
I lock your moisture until
next wet monsoon of my eyes.


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The Tangled Tangent YESTERDAY AT 14:41

it would say,
"don't waste my
breath of seconds,
pouring life into
people who know not
your worth or into
things that show not
your worth."


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The Tangled Tangent YESTERDAY AT 2:11

Maybe, stars gaze
at their reflections
hovering over the river
and I named them fireflies?!

Just so, I could confine them
within my jar sized sky
to be closer to my dead dreams.


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The Tangled Tangent YESTERDAY AT 20:55

Cloud trying to fit into giant wheel cabin.


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