The Tangled Tangent   (©Lenny)
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20 FEB AT 10:56

Don't leave me for a second, my dearest
like the wave withdraws from the shore
leaving her with wet surfaces
where feet drown into
and nothing could ever advance,
like the bird descends from the branch
leaving her with fallen nest
of a heart, no other being
would worry to snout and start from.

Don't leave me for a second, my dearest.
It would spin me a mannequin
beautiful to look at and terrible to move on
In a second, I could switch a filter
you could choose another story
and we could fail tagging each other


19 FEB AT 23:55

Mom forwarding old info


19 FEB AT 23:47

passing by your window,
even if it's open or closed.
As you wait upon it, intently,
for its shower to bathe your
transparent fears, hopes and
dreams, you'll watch them
slide down and nestle in
your heart's window sill.
Sometimes, when you miss
it out, do follow the lanes
it has sprinkled itself on
to discover love in
cafes and faces
from streetlights and footpaths
and then, you'll understand,
love evaporates from below
into that very cloud.


18 FEB AT 12:58

And on that cheek, and o'er that brow,
from those fissures and folds, stories flow.
She is a rock, the storms, in their eyes behold.
Firm with clouds hovering, birds perching
sands castling, feet imprinting
she smiles there wide, she stands there low
and if you ask her about the moon's vow
love protracts out like a turtle's head, slow.
A zephyr twirls in like a messenger all known,
guiding the sea to freeze into a welkin for her to doze
and when she watches unwavering reflections from close
she could as well, like her love, choose to glow.


14 FEB AT 22:06

A sky that homes
every cloudy heart


10 FEB AT 12:49

You're a
state of mind,
I always long
to be in.

I learnt,
you have no exits
and that's my faith
dancing me in

introducing me to
all the
I didn't believe then.

So, I took time.
We're not late.


9 FEB AT 15:04

Appreciation is
the first step to love.
For, love is
the highest form
of appreciation.


8 FEB AT 14:08

The light in my eyes
makes every fear visible
every tear edible
quenching your tongue
to curl in and spew
some love
that's been trapped
between your teeth
like the food stuck overnight
to ache you
until you let it all out
until there's light in my eyes
until you've not gone blind
and until I have enough tears
to put my light to use.


1 FEB AT 16:27


25 JAN AT 18:50

non-greasy hair.

Just like how I like


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