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21 SEP AT 21:22

True partnership reveals unalienable rights.


21 SEP AT 21:06

One eye am creating as a journal to assist the evolution within all mankind and humanity.

Lack of knowledge of self & nation causes mental distress, alluding consciousness, invoking subconscious discord and poverty internationally.

We must liberate ourselves through emancipated illusions existing within our realms.


21 SEP AT 20:52

One: books reintroduce child’s
play unavailing playgrounds
of energy where words create
formulas for solving problems.

Two: words are spells
creating symbols we call
alphabets revealing
mathematical elements
of awareness of self.


21 SEP AT 20:44

When I recognized my value of existing as me.


21 SEP AT 20:41

Productivity rules attracting abundance.


21 SEP AT 20:39

So I sat a while to reflect on the greatness of my survival.


21 SEP AT 20:34

It will be assisting and supporting the psychic realms to protect nations, remedying servitude debt.


21 SEP AT 20:27

Was a book called Felicia whom was a cat and name in Latin means happiness.


21 SEP AT 20:24

Vital births create
trusts; creditors of
infant estates


21 SEP AT 20:19

They say pictures speak a thousand words.
We are creating memories beyond history.
This is our story.


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