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Joined 12 May 2020
14 FEB AT 2:55

accompanying misery. I have taught myself to numb the pain eye feel when eye see you. But this only hurts me so eye say what eye need to say out loud to you without being loud or angry.

Because me feeling angry at you is me punishing myself because eye choose you. You made your bed now lay in it sounds like being stuck with realities eye have no control over. And that is so far from being the truth.

My happiness comes first now and forever. Master 11 speaks creator of her realities.


14 FEB AT 2:41

Service by etymology servitude & slave.

Places me in position to slave or be enslaved. Is there another option? Vibrational number 11 mastery of self eye am ready.


21 DEC 2023 AT 10:25

Balancing life as a mother challenges my womanhood only because eye feel tested as eye strategically retrieve ancestral seeds for healing my sun.

My journey creating an essential airy space where Eucalyptus & Peppermint dominate is evidence that eye am best suited for this position.

My day is done and eye am exhausted.

Signed Ma Duties


21 DEC 2023 AT 10:14

Fire invokes air to rage spreading heat waves generating operating and destroying life. Oh the trickery of fire so air mind your business.


14 DEC 2023 AT 21:12

Eye cut all cords attached to me holding me in contempt.


14 DEC 2023 AT 21:00

Do not allow yourselves to become absorbed in others affairs you just might lose yourself. Mind your business.


14 DEC 2023 AT 20:56

Eye am evolving and everyone can’t go with me. Eye use to feel bad leaving people behind but now eye don’t.

Eye was always told β€œyou can lead the horse to the water but you cannot make them drink it.

This is called free will. And my will is to intentionally leave you behind because you are not ready to evolve.


14 DEC 2023 AT 20:45

Hey you played yourself once again
No more will eye allow self to be deprived or disenfranchised for the sake of another’s existence. Eye will not allow self to be manipulated.

Use me as a circulation of laws called vibrations but do not misuse or abuse the portal eye allowed you to access. Doing so causes discharged frequencies of disbarment.

You are banished from my existence as hues expose man’s thoughts of envy and corrupt soles.

Go now into the chambers of love and light as you journey self indefinitely through life’s most precious moments revealing secrets untold.

Eye trust no person or corporate
individual but the process of
universal codes & truths.

Think of me no more.
Speak of me no more.
You are released from my cosmic
care because of bewitching evil
supernatural powers causing chaos
with no accountability of your actions.
You cloaked yourself with darkness
undisciplined intentions unveiled
truth of your being.

Eye seen you adapting & adjusting
maliciously this is who you are.
The day has arrived where we part
ways as eye knew would be.

Eye call my energy back to me cleansed
and purified 3x3.


19 OCT 2023 AT 6:01

Be careful people have shifted. Their are people intentionally seeking chaos invoking hardships for individuals seeking freedoms using inconsistent realms playing on the intelligence of human life.

Trust no one but the
process of the Universe.
Ride the waves and
observe the patterns.

Stop ignoring when people
show you who they are.
Protect your InnerG.


6 JUL 2023 AT 2:54

No more tears
because of fears
Just love


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