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25 APR AT 9:54

Ground your root chakra Earth element. Sanskrit mantra Lam or 7.83hz to synchronize or unify with the heartbeat of our magnetic Earth.


25 APR AT 9:48

Being safe and loved by her parents whom are responsible and obligated to protect her
and not hurt & neglect her. A child
dreams of not being being abused
mentally, emotionally and physically.
A child dreams of a sweet life where
kind people dominate her
realms of realities. A child
dreams of not being tortured
by predators sexually abusing her.
This is what I wanted when I was a child.


25 APR AT 9:39

I often wonder how she gained
the intimacy of you. And you
answered internally and said she
respects me. And even though we
agree to disagree she never cross
boundaries. My thoughts. When did
I become so vicious?


25 APR AT 9:33

was how to be vulnerable. Vulnerabilities has attracted the attention of beast seeking to devour my essential being. Vulnerability caused weaknesses however common and embarrassing to my life’s purpose. My mission has been compromised for lack of knowledge and power vulnerably. Eye am in the labs!


25 APR AT 9:23

Erasing you has been the most challenging situation I have encountered within my journey. I keep thinking about the lessons I were to learn were simple and not difficult. I keep thinking did I over act or miss manage the love we once shared. I keep thinking about the time I felt so annoyed by your presence that created a snap blurting the words fuck you. Did I overstep crossing boundaries where respect alluded us. I remember feeling so hurt by your lies and intentions to enslave me as your wife. Your deceptions broke my heart into pieces I’m still gathering just to be whole again. The thoughts of the word erase in conjunction with your name sickens me. So back on the shelf you go as I await another day when I am stronger to decide about this matter of erasing you from my consciousness.


25 APR AT 9:07

Prints of barefoot
where paths engage
victorious wins revealing
access to our next level.
Our bodies are the memories
holding ancestral members
whom are our memories
so journey well!


25 APR AT 9:00

Hurts to think about
because of the rough
storms we have endured.
The Universe asked me what
I wanted and I couldn’t articulate
my true feelings because of cloudy
thoughts. Amazing how
the heart and minds connects.


25 APR AT 8:54

consist within our intentions
best represented by self.
Remember that you and you
alone are responsible for your
happiness. Everyone else contribute
to the foundation of happiness you
formulated for yourself.


25 APR AT 8:47

Close friends understands your most inner thoughts.


13 APR AT 20:54

She is fake and phony
You see it was all because of
a phone call where eye listened
and herd the backbiting.

It was her demeanor of not
being able to stay afloat in

It was her unwillingness to be
open when confronted about
her where a-bouts.

It was her confused mind and
stuttering as she struggled to keep
the momentum of our conversation going.

It was her attempt to slide deceit to use
my goods and services without compensation.

All cords cut when I felt breathless you
verified within that chat.

Thank you for showing me the way
to the door where eye make my exit
from your life wishing you good and
blissful waves of abundance.


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