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Tarunima 21 MAR AT 1:35

Hawayein behti chali jayegi
Rooh ka disha bhi badal jayega
Ye raat bhi phirse bheege panno se bhar jayegi
Aur zindagi se ek aur gumnaam raat kam jayega...


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Tarunima 12 MAR AT 14:50

Take her care when I won't be there,
Don't let her cry upon my chest.
Say her that I'm gone,
No! This time I won't be back even after dawn
On behalf of me, please caress her
beautiful crest.

She doesn't know the worth of time,
She didn't know how much she was mine,
She only thought it was her routine
to get loved by me.
Next time the gate opens, she won't
find my leg to jump on,
She won't find my lap to rest on,
And I will miss her too, but I'm caged;
I want to be free...

Remember me buddy!
Remember the way I loved you.
This world is harsh but you will
find me every when you need,
I promise you.


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Tarunima 9 MAR AT 15:06

From Every trust that you break,
To Every breath that you take...
The one that you're hiding
all your darkest secrets from,
knows everything...
Haha! You think she's asleep?
She's wide awake...
Bleeding to her core,
She's wide awake...


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Tarunima 25 FEB AT 1:25

As I sat by the window seat,
I almost forgot about the time's heat.
The wind kept whispering to me
"Do you want to fly?" "Do you wish to be free?"
No no dear wind! I just want to
be kind, I just want to be me.

As time passed by, I realised what
wind is making me feel
As time passed by, I almost forgot about the wounds that got healed.

Once upon a time, there was a guy who called me his sister
Little did he know I wanted him to blush and say "Mom! I kissed her".
Haha! Don't get me wrong, he wasn't biological....
It's just me who's a tad more "philosophical"...

He came to know from my best friend that evening,
Rejection came with a heavy downpour from the sky, raining.
It was strange that I heard a glass
break with great jolt!
Was it my heart? Or was it a thunderbolt?
Never did we speak again, never did we meet
All that I wished then is my love should've been discreet.

That time has gone,
New love has born
I barely remember his face.
But still remember his scent,
The place where we last met,
Wish I had more time to embrace.


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Tarunima 22 FEB AT 12:04

Photographs are magic.
They can actually stop time


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Tarunima 14 FEB AT 2:23

So at last! I could find you...
The missing puzzle was finally found, I knew.
Messy life now had an ambition,
The hippie finally follows the tradition.
No more panic or exam fever
Cause he holds my hand, haha!
Best friend turned lover.
"Psychic couples", as they say..
We got visions for us to stay.
Now we know we're meant to be
Our lives were known, we both could see.
Spark in his eyes, I was the flame.
None else but us, we could aim.
There's a lot more to face, lot more to feel,
Wounds still bleed I know, that our love shall


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Tarunima 8 FEB AT 14:31



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Tarunima 7 FEB AT 2:59

You know what? Time is changing...
Now, feelings change more often than people do.


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Tarunima 7 FEB AT 2:55

It's so scary how want
and need that once meant
to be the same thing
becomes distinct
as time flows through...


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Tarunima 6 FEB AT 17:21

काश! कभी यह कल्पना सच होता...
इक्कीसवीं सदी के रावण को मारने दुर्गा का आगमन हुआ होता।

काश! कभी यह सच एक कल्पना होता...
नन्हीसि जान को डसने सारा संसार उतावला न हो उठता।


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