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10 JAN AT 23:26

रूठेगी तू यूंँ खुद से ही,
तो फक्र कहांँ से लायेगी,
रोयेगी अगर तू इतने में,
तो कैसे मंजिल पायेगी।

कोई बिछड़े अगर तो घबराना मत,
तू खुद पर ही झल्लाना मत,
एक गया तो दूजा आयेगा,
तू खुद को दोष लगाना मत,
कोई भी नहीं होता अपना,
और सारे अपने होते है,
रीत यही है जीवन की,
कभी पाते है, कभी खोते है।

चलते-चलते यूंँ ही एक दिन,
राहें ऐसी भी आयेंगी,
साथी तेरे होगें आगे,
तू पीछे ही रह जायेगी,
पर थकना मत तू, रूकना मत तू,
हालात के आगे, झुकना मत तू,
उम्मीद जगा के रखना बस,
तेरी भी बारी आयेगी।

टूटेगा जिस दिन दिल ये तेरा,
तू खुद को अकेला पायेगी,
ये बातें भी कुछ देर कीं होंगी,
तू फिर निखरेगी, फिर मुस्कायेगी।

— Tanya Gupta


12 DEC 2020 AT 19:25

An open letter to YOU

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1 DEC 2020 AT 2:07

Your senses sympathise you to let it go. And You know you've to let it go. You thank god for the things you have. You remind yourself of some people who never replaced you. But you also remind yourself of not expecting anything.You close your eyes and think about your parents and siblings for a minute and there floats on your face a smile of contentment. You promise yourself something that you won't lack strength, also that you won't give up. No matter what. You promise yourself that you won't break your promise.

Because loser is who doesn't try.
Loser is who gives up the hope.
“there's life, there's hope."

//Tanya Gupta //


1 DEC 2020 AT 2:05

It's hurting but you're denying. You heart knows who the criminal is but you're denying all the charges. You lie to yourself but that's not a point, you do it more often. You lie there , plugging earphones and listening ‘Kun Faya Kun' for distracting yourself. You don't blame anyone but yourself. You feel lost and the music brings you peace, at least for a while. The music detaches you from the world for a moment. You feel the warmth of the quilt along with the wetness of the eyes. You can feel the broken hopes flowing slowly from the corner of your eyes. You give a miserable smile to yourself thinking how honest your body is, it never lies, unlike your heart. You realise you're a bad liar and finally you accept that you're hurting. You start talking on your own. Now YOU are the judge and YOU are the solicitor. The things are against you but you also know like always, you will get over them as you think you're a boss lady or at least you believe you are.


1 DEC 2020 AT 2:04

You're hurt and you don't know the reason why or may be you know but you don't have the courage to tell the world what's bothering you. You don't like to accept your weaknesses and you hate to confess that you failed in a subject you thought you were excellent in. You failed in love. You failed in knowing the definition of love. You think you've grown up but you're a grown up idiot that can solve everyone's problems but not of your own. You're an idiot who has been taken for granted for long and now you think you're nothing and you deserve nothing, neither love nor care. You keep doubting even when someone says they love you. You're a good speaker yet you don't know how to express your feelings, especially the sad ones. You've the urge to be heard but this time you haven't got the ears you always had that can decode your twisted words. This time the one who hear your hopeless stories is the one who has hurt you, unintentionally or intentionally. And you've to digest this acid.


1 DEC 2020 AT 1:32

Because Loser is who doesn't try.
Loser is who gives up the hope.

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31 OCT 2020 AT 20:46

देखे है तुमने बस
छोटे-छोटे घाव जिनके

वे छुपाये है कहीं भीतर
बड़े-बड़े भी, बड़े चाव से।


27 OCT 2020 AT 18:09

मैं वजीर था शतरंज का,
जलता था प्यादे से बस इस बात पर,
कि कहीं वो भी वजीर ना बन जाये।

हार गया आखिर में,
शतरंज भी, दंभ भी।


23 OCT 2020 AT 23:20

we still Whisper,
in the chaos of the world,
nobody can listen us,
and we want the same.
we became friends,
for it was a great listener,
and i was the opposite.
when i needed to ask,
the questions i had,
some people listened, some didn't.
I would've reacted the same,
if i were in their shoes, probably,
they are all hopeless, screwed-up,
and got their own problems,
forcing them not affording others'.
I used to scribble some lines,
and to leave them there unfinished,
the pages neither smirked nor did they were in rage.
Chasing the people wasn't my cup of tea,
and came to know this very lately,
it's not anyone's cup of tea actually.
Eventually the pages i left unfinished,
the pages I left unadorned, smiled at me,
they were silent but could hear me, efficiently,
I knew what I got, what it meant,
an extrovert got a friend, a tongue-tied friend,
a perfect friend, to be accurate,
who won't expose her, won't judge her,
most importantly, who'll always be hers only,
not to be shared with anyone else,
the one who'll always be there ; till eternity,
I had all the answers within myself,
it made me realise this, promptly; eventually,
And we are together since then, May be, For Ever.

— T.G.


14 OCT 2020 AT 20:35

सबसे ज्यादा व्यथा तो उन कविताओं में है,
जो कभी पढ़ीं ही नहीं गईं,

वो कवितायें या तो अधूरी ही रह गईं,
या मिटा दीं गईं अश्रुओं द्वारा।


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