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Joined 29 July 2018
8 NOV AT 17:01

What to choose?
To showcase the pain in my heart as it is ,
Or to treat the pain like it's nothing at all ?
No matter whichever way I choose,
I will have to live through this pain,
I'll have to live by these agonies I've created myself,
I will have to go through this pain,
I'll have to endure the pain till it passes.

But every storm passes when it's the time,
And surely the pain will also subside.
Till then, I think I must experience the pain as it is,
'Cause sometimes the pain teaches you more than happiness ever can.


6 SEP AT 21:13

“I am rock"
I convinced myself the other day,
The following day,
I melted at his smile.


31 AUG AT 20:00

I don't pity a weak woman backed up by a strong man,
I do pity a brave woman backed up by an indifferent man.


3 AUG AT 22:56

पकड़े गये जो रंगे हाथों,
अब क्या उन पर बंदिशें कीं जायें,
छोड़ दिया जाये हाथ उनका,
बेहतर है उनसे रंजिशें कीं जायें।


29 JUL AT 16:22

अब क्या बात की जाए?
क्यूं तबीयत बेताब की जाए?
देखेगें जब टकराएगा कोई तूफां,
छोटे- मोटे झोंको के लिए,
क्यूं ज़हमत बेहिसाब की जाये!


7 JUL AT 23:06

जबरदस्तन खामोशी से तो कोहराम अच्छा है,

आधे- अधूरे इश्क से तो विराम अच्छा है!


20 JUN AT 2:22

A lot of good people,
But feeling attached to none,
Have been long time,
Since I've felt at home,
It's hard to search one,
When you never had none,
Searching a home is an arduous work,
When you don't know your own worth,
But finding a home is an immense blessing,
And may be the most beautiful thing,

A home where we need no words,
Just expressions and hugs,
And a lap to put our head on,
To forget things that are gone,
A home where we speak our heart,
Without feeling that we're too much,
And an extra hug as good night,
When our brains don't function right,
A home that serves not only sugary food,
But bitter gourds too to keep the health good,
Some seemingly bad decisions to help you grow,
And an extra push whenever we feel low,
A home where we belong to,
A home where we could run into,
A home where differences create diversity and not a problem,
A home where we are special even when we're just so normal.


12 JUN AT 18:52



14 MAY AT 18:31

पिला कर जाम खुद को,
चलो हौले-हौले उसे भुलाया जाये ,
अभी एक ही जख्म हुआ है, खैर,
चलो फिर से इश्क लड़ाया जाये!


28 APR AT 23:20

Though, Once it sank,
With despise and agonies,
Of unrequited love,
But now it is at ease,
It feels lighter than ever,
It doesn't require explanations,
Rather it accepts and adapts.

'Cause now,
My heart,
Has evaporated all the tears it could shed.

It feels lighter,
It feels brighter.


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