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#vesselofthoughts quotes

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Nachiketa Pattnayak 29 SEP 2018 AT 22:16

Yesterday ,I found something strange
Looked out the window
Focus on a date
Come closer and we click ....
And at that moment instead of bell
I get a flower bullet straight to my
Empty vessel
Ahh.... What a flower Bullet Date it is !


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Nachiketa Pattnayak 10 JUN 2018 AT 12:04

Symbol it like the essence ,I have
You see me like an empty vessele
Drive I reach somewhere here quite
Catch me none but I try like safteybike

Call me any name ,show me the bad
I have ,cause you know I jump where
You find me in an unseen place all dead
Between the rivers and seas, I compare
I see you all up ,directly below the clouds and Strom ....

The ways you seen as I see the same
Can't you find me but all I see you again ...
The dirty roads are washed by my tears
Left them touch all your bad fears ...
Here with you ..all above


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Philomina Neerudu 17 FEB 2018 AT 18:44

• Versus

You are my night version.
Not with moon and stars...
But zillion shades of silence
and dark hues of engulfing
destruction spread across
the verses of my uni'verse'...


My only vision...
Enlightening my way.
#vesselofthoughts #yqbaba #yq

Sayoni Mitra 28 APR 2017 AT 0:17

How stupidly emotional can a person be?
Year after year
wasting ink on a long gone tragedy?
Inner self smirks at the broken piece
of the long gone mysteries,
Unsolved, Unanswered, Still.

What if I'd had forgiven,
And and stood up with will.
What if I'd had refused to weep
And tried to find truth instead.

Alas! It's too late,
For time has got everything dusted,
To the times once spent merrily,
I write this ode of memories.


Amandeep Saini 16 NOV 2018 AT 21:06

I urge
to be soulful
it is not the
of the vessel
defines my
but the volume
of soul
contained in the


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Arunima Roy 19 MAR AT 21:08

My face remembers the day
when your lips brush against my cheek
and it turned red with hues of pink memories....
My face remembers the day
when your salty words arched across the eyelids and turned blue with watery traces...
My face remembers the day
when your hands fell onto the broken flesh
and turned it into streaks of dusky maroon...
My face revives all the moments
and it smiles and turn this all away and
spread its golden sunshine...
After all our soul is white, absorbing every colour possibly on this universe as if
Painted in God's own agonies !!!


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divyansh pratush 11 NOV 2018 AT 21:11

पता नही किस से खता हु मैं
खुद से में खुद में जुदा हु मैं ।
क्या चाहता हु क्या कर रहा हु
पता नही किस से जंग लड़ रहा हु ।
अजीब सी दास्तान है
मन बना रेगिस्तान है ।
न कल की फिक्र है ना आज का भय
न तुम्हारा जिक्र है ना किसी की हार किसी की जय ।
बस चले जा रहा हु
इस दुनिया से लड़े जा रहा हु ।
तू कहा पहुंचेयगी
जाने किस मोड़ पर भटकयगी ।
बस इसी उम्मीद पर जीये जा रहा हु
की एक न एक दिन तू भी शरमायेगी ।
अजीब सी दस्तानों का भवर है ज़िन्दगी
तेरे किस्से कहानियों का ही तो सफर है ज़िन्दगी


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Smitha Shenoy 27 MAR 2018 AT 23:14

Mind is not just a vessel,
That can cool you down or heat up,
Or fill it up to brim with thoughts.
Don't make it just a container,
Fill it with pebbles of knowledge,
So that it fires up your spirit,
And brightens your journey of life.


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