The trap, the invisible trap
Can you see it? It's there 
Just round the corner
The shapeless trap

Waiting for you
Knowing you, it takes the form 
It lures you, can you feel the call 
It's the calling of your trap afterall 

Once you're trapped, you're done 
And the secret? Do you not know? 
The secret is you'll never know
When and how you'll be trapped
Forever. Without a single worry on your part

Aren't you scared? The trap is your making after all
You always wanted a secure life 
Nothing is more secure than the trap
So go ahead, try your luck 
The trap and you are made for each other 
You think you need it, your safe zone
Oh what a fallacy, but nonetheless 
Life's a trap, what more can be said! 

| Unraveling traps 

Unraveling traps is the single most difficult thing. But not all traps are undesirable, aren't they? Some we want. And some we avoid. But they are traps, nonetheless. So chose your trap wisely. #Traps #lyricalsofrt #yqbaba

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