The Wandering Soul 
The Wayside Flower

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The wandering soul and the flower It was in that mortal realm, the wandering soul met the wayside flower. It was in that beautiful place, Where they became friends Ignorant of the passage of time. The wandering soul told her About his endless search For an answer to his existence. The wayside flower told him About her worthless existence And abuses inflicted upon her. They shared much And found solace in one another's company. He made her aware of her beauty, And she gave him peace. Much needed peace... But as these things go, All must come to pass, And their time drew near. The flower withered away, Only to be reborn In the great wheel of time. The wandering soul went aforth Cherishing their time together, Secretly hoping to see her again. In Another Age, Another place. -TheLoneTraveller #wanderingsoul #waysideflower #thelonetraveller #ramblings #yqbaba #yqenglish

21 DEC 2017 AT 13:38