Have you known of times when you wanted something so bad that you didn't know whether you loved it too much that you felt suffocated with it and without it or that you were just obsessed with the feeling of it being yours?

Did the urge reach such an insanity that the want became need and it stared to feed on you in unfathomable ways?

Have you felt thirsty and drenched at the same time? Hot and dead? Driven and crazy?

Have you ever wanted something real bad? 


Have you ever fallen in love? 
Or is it love?

Have you ever wanted something real bad? That bad when you felt like running up all the stairs and shouting out her name from the rooftop. That bad when you just sleep silently beneath a blanket without moving..coz you are too tired to want anything else! Have you truly loved something? Someone? #love #YQbaba #ramblings #musings #stories #feelings

3 MAY AT 0:33

We spend our whole life thinking that love is gonna heal our dreadful wounds, 
while it slowly pushes us further towards our own ruin.

-©Rashiee Pengoria

Delusion. ❤ When our delusive selves make 'love' the centre of our universe, we overlook the burning flames surrounding us, assuming them as flames of passion when in reality that fire is ignited just to burn us down. #thoughts 💙 #ramblings 💕 #love#YQBaba

3 APR AT 23:33