I feel numb, tired and exhausted but the truth is, you are here with me still!
Is this that I should question myself on?That sweet lie? Or one horrible truth which I always neglected that I lie!

Thanks for the invite Irteza Ali 😊 Contemplation- There are times when you just close your eyes and smile for no reason ..then you realize this fact and it makes you smile even more ..but to be honest do you really think their was no reason behind it ? ...Or could it be that the reason meant the World to you. Their were times when the poet's heart was with him and it made him write quotes on love and pen down poems on its beauty ..but what if your "World" abandons you and takes your heart alongwith... yes he will still smile the only difference would be in the pain behind that curve. In the end he is trapped in the prison of his own thoughts and his habit of writing poems didnt change ..what changed was the context. ~Ali #photoframe #iamhome #equality #soulsearch #tpmd #yqbaba #firstquote #tpmdl Collaborating with Irteza Ali