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Harish Satheesan
5 JUN 2017 AT 9:19

Voyaging through the memory lanes of those harmonious moments spent with your family could be baffling if there aren't subtle deviations involved. A diversion, like that family party when your sibling created a ruckus by breaking a tea pot, radiates in our memory for a prolonged time as compared to the other parties. Human beings adore such nuances and subtleties, they fall in love with each other when they embrace these qualities of their partners. The peculiar chirrup while she sneezes, his distinct chuckles, her haywire hair during mornings, his berserk motions in a tensed state of mind, her dimples that show up randomly, his eccentric cheers, etc. are all subtleties of a person that individuates them from the rest of the herd.


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31 DEC 2017 AT 15:48

There are parties,
All around the world--
Except, within.
Hearken, hearken!
A desolate soul,


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Ritika Punjabi
10 MAY 2017 AT 21:48

Lets go party tonight
On the dance floor
Which is the sky
Let stars be the lights
And lets get drunk on love tonight
Lets stomp our foot
And move our hip
To the beat of winds
That go by
Whistling as loud as they could
Lets slur over
Every confession
Lets stumble over
Every blush
Lets laugh
At the most stupid things
Lets drown in each other s eyes
Lets tumble
Upon each other
As the night ends
Lets wake up in the morning
By each other s side



31 DEC 2017 AT 17:55

Deafening sounds,
Of the new year--
All meant, to drive away,
The pervading fear.
Yet, my dear--
Why, the tears?
Take heed--come near!
Let's wash away,
Those smears!


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Nikhila Peri
8 MAY 2017 AT 21:44

Sometimes, its difficult to MIX with other Guests in a Party.
Not because we don't like them or we are shy, but because of some "Guests" who take vary Interest in Others Life rather than Their Own!😅🙏



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