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YourQuote Baba
17 APR AT 13:50

Note to self: Note to you:


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Aakash Sharma
17 APR AT 15:27

Be a free bird
In her endless sky ........
Be a golden mole
Over her alluring smile.......
On her cheeks b a drop of dew
But being whole in her ,
Be a lil u..............


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Rishabh Singh Rajput
17 APR AT 23:22

Whatever may come in life.
Be it a favour or a barrier
Don't let anything shake your spirit
You're a hero, you're a worrier
Keep fighting against all odds
And leave the rest up to divine
Your perseverance and courage
Will always help you shine


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Rishabh Singh Rajput
17 APR AT 18:05

Don't define your
failure by looking at
somebody success...
And don't define
your success
by looking at
somedays failure...
Set your own traget
everyday to break


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Fatima Anwar
30 APR AT 17:04

Sanity is not an
option. It's a choice.
Sometimes drowning
and depression
feels the same.
But it's not.
When you drown,
you fight..
to swim (to live).
But in depression,
you do nothing.
Just nothing....
Fight it.



Saksham upadhyay
18 APR AT 15:38

Just Pursue the knowledge..
Victory and Defeat are part of Our life...
If you are not losing then it is the sign
that you are not learning anything new..
So it is good to Lose Sometimes ...


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Vivek Malik
17 APR AT 16:58

तू देख, मगर ध्यान दे रुकना सीख, मगर दौड़ भी
तू सीख, और समझ ले। देख हार, पर जीत खेल।
तू भाग, मगर संभाल के शान्त बन , गर सोच भी
तू गिर, और सबक़ ले।। दूर भी रह, मगर रख मेल॥


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17 APR AT 14:34

"Deeply believe that
magic happens;
You need to feel.
You know being freaky
is absurd but being
realist and to apply
logic everywhere
is boring too."


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Sakshi Bansal
17 APR AT 18:57

If something good If something bad
happens will love. happens will try to
n celebrate it. forget and forgive.
No hopes !
No more expectations !


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Ritwik Saha
17 APR AT 14:10

Keep learning
Get experience
From hard work

Be clam
Cool yourself
Believe in God


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