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#mi quotes

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Arvind Ravichandran 11 APR 2018 AT 0:55

Mumbai Indians are hot af.
It’s a brand name on it’s own.

Just like MI


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Swastik Anand Tripathi 8 JUL 2018 AT 14:54

My phone is Mi 4,
none of your phone.


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Funny singh😅 30 MAR AT 8:17

IPL Aate hi sab bolne lgte hain ki
Mai csk fan; mai MI fan, mai KKR.
Tabhi kisi ne pichhe se aakar kaha mai RCB fan.

Virat : abe joke mat bana😝😝👇👇👇


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Nikhil Ramesh Khandve 16 DEC 2018 AT 23:52

तथा त्या व्यथा
सांगेलं ती कुणा
अब्रूचा बाजार
मांडते समोर कुणा
मनातल्या जखमा
शरीरावरच्या खुणा
वासनेच्या घरा
उबरट्या बाहेर नजरा
येता जाता पाहता देह
लोक पोट भरतात मना
ओले ते रोज डोळे
ओला तो बिछाना
कोण राखेल आयुष्य सार
त्यात तिचा कोण तो देव असेल ना



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tavish guglani 30 JUN 2017 AT 2:44

I dont know why but every night i start thinking that...If prayers are fulfilled...then she might be sleeping peacefully..


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Funny singh😅 11 APR AT 0:19

I am CSK Fan😍😍
But today was match "kingxipunjab vs MI"
आज का मैच वाकई गजब का था यारो...!!
इसलिए नहीं कि मुम्बई जीती;
बल्कि इसलिए कि लास्ट बॉल तक; हर दर्शक के 'दिल की धड़कनें' रुकी हुईं थीं।😍😍😅😅


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Rupa Dey 9 AUG 2018 AT 8:07

When your MI hand set burst bcz of charging it whole night....
You to your mother:


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Anshul saxena 4 MAR 2018 AT 20:00

Satisfaction toh uss din milega jab Apne dum par, apne phone se 'M' hta dunga ✌

'M'I phone to I phone


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tavish guglani 12 AUG 2017 AT 20:00

I am the same to her...what she is to me....BUT in the parallel Universe :-)


tavish guglani 1 JUL 2017 AT 17:33

She leaved him when he was able to see her with his closed eyes...
Cupid thanked her and keep saying to himself that how can i hate her ,she has given me the power to see something so beautiful with eyes closed..


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