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"Emotional attachment" that is one 
Hell of a word in my life. You are always in a learning process through out your life. Many people just dont realise their lessons.
Well in my case,dad is always giving me
Lessons, he makes me contact with his business world in little doses. I learn that every 2nd person out there is just sitting out their just to manipulate you in the name of emotional attachments. Even your closest people, who appeared to be like family. He lets me deal with tasks on my own without interfering in between but he always keeps an eye on me, if those people are able to manipulate me with those emotions  
😂😂Obvious my loss means his loss.
At some point in life there comes situation when you have to betray even your closest people or better they  would take advantage of you. Innocent eyes exists just for kids.
I learnt that "betrayal" is just the name of situation where one person is considering his self interest so that he dont goes in loss and that term is used by the other person who was already manipulating the first person.
Life keeps on throwing challenge for us. And keeps us giving the same type of challenges until we are not able to clear that challenge.

My challenge is to overcome the emotional attachments. Create that fine life between personal and professional life. If something doesn't serve best of your purpose, you shouldn't feel guilty to deal with it. Let others call it betrayal. 😂😂I learnt that those same people turn back normal in some time because this is business, they have to mantain good contact with you. Their fake smiles are ever ready. Do not mind people this my diary. 🙈 Follow my writings on @yourquoteapp #yourquote #quote #stories #writersofinstagram #writersofig #writersofindia #igwriters #igwritersclub

😂and my brother is going 
For a one week's trip.. 😍
I am happy, 😂cause i am 
Literally not gonna miss him.. 
He has irritated me so much 
In the whole day today. 😂
Asking me how would I live.. 
Without him, when he 
Knows my answer remain the same. 😂
Today whenever he found me
Sitting silently minding
My business. 😂
He would just shockingly. 
Jump on me putting his 
Head on my tummy rubbing his 
Hairs and nails.. 😂😂
He dont lets me run!! 
Cause his hairs just tickle
Making me laugh out hard.. 😂
Shouting.. The lie. 😂😂
I wont be able to live without you.. 
So that he leaves my side. 😁

😁Do not mind people this is my diary. Any one interested in knowing my brother can look at my today's stories on my page😂😂trust me you wont regret. Follow my writings on @yourquoteapp #yourquote #instawriters#writersofinstagram #writersofig #quote #stories #igwriters #igwritersclub