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Embracing Life Blog
9 SEP 2017 AT 8:52

the kiss still lingers
the touch still felt
the hugs still warm

the bruises still fresh
the bites still bloody
the cries still ring
the eyes still redden

you still sting like a bee
still love caresses like the autumn breeze


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Embracing Life Blog
6 SEP 2017 AT 20:56

We were
meant to be.
But you
had a cross
attached to you.
And I was a Hindu.

In our world, they fit.
But in theirs, it didn't.


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Embracing Life Blog
13 SEP 2017 AT 14:17

The two little kids were hungry.
Finally the door opened and everyone ran towards the food.
Gobbled it up hungrily in little bites.
" This will last till the humans don't take it away." said Mother Rat, as the body gave a final shudder and went still.



Embracing Life Blog
7 SEP 2017 AT 17:06

You left from the back door.
Love didn't have the guts to even open the back door.


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