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I'm here for you.
It's not the end my dear, There's more for you!
Don't declare it to be your last year, I'm here to lend you an ear.
Promise; Together we'll get rid of that fear.
Don't let your tears drop.
To be lame like other's have been -
There's enough water being wasted.
But I say don't drop,
Because now even the ground is polluted.
You are worthy!
More than the diamond on the crown of the queen.
We' ALL' are equally. Worthy.
To smile and to laugh 
And to be fascinated by this world;
To breathe and touch and feel
The variations on this earth.
There's a lot more, Than to just socialise,
There's a lot more,
Than these over hyped cities as homes in disguise.
There's a lot more; You just have to realise!
You will never need 'a person' to say
''The Sun Is Shining And So Are You''.
YOU are an impeccable creation;
Above comparison; To the sun and the stars.
Nor the moon could fit, anywhere(on scale) beside You!
But still remember, I am here for you !
Apart from God,I'll listen to you.
Till He swooshes his wand,
I'll sit by you.
Till then I'll hum 
''The sun is shining and SO ARE YOU!"
-Suyebah Siddiqui

Let's together hum ''I'll be there for you..''. Depression is a disease but 'you' were not meant to be in it forever ! Let's talk, share ... We all are humans ... Keep smiling ! For I long for every person I see to smile at me as I to them . :-) ... Much love to all... Request all to help our lovely brothers and sisters by just lending an ear. Use #iamlistening and speak up . #peace #depression #life #yqbaba #yqdidi #yqbhaijan #talkaboutit Thank you Tathagat Sarthaka for raising awareness on such an important topic .

Dragging me into the waters
Where I can't swim,
Falling into whirlpools of Neverland.

Empty boxes carry words and phrases my soul intended to say,  Almost like a present to you  If I don't tell you these words,  They will grow heavy on my soul  Dragging me into the waters  Where I can't swim  Falling into whirlpools of Neverland Where I may not come back  Like the waters gushing on to the shore  Promising they are fresh  The stench of the million years evident, Growing on their bodies  Some of their own sweat, Some like  cancerous cells grown in mighty size Floating on, towards horizon.  #depression