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YourQuote Baba
4 DEC 2016 AT 21:42

Dearest Writers,

A lot of you are trying to attempt haikus. Note haikus are about 5-7-5 syllables, not words. Google what a syllable is, if you don't know.

1. Word of the day is HAPPEN. Make wit happen in your stories/poems/one-liners and I will feature the best on our FB page.

2. Fill in the blank: A fool is one who ______________.


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Anneysha Choudhury
29 JAN AT 22:15

You know it's real when it feels like a thousand waves are crashing onto your feeble heart and all you can do is smile.


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29 NOV 2016 AT 5:08

Beneath blazing fingertips
You play love,
Crashing comets,
Down my spine
Etched with your name!

The cusp
Of supernova
You leave my heart
Blazing with,
And your aroma
In the crevices of my skin!


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YourQuote Baba
23 NOV 2016 AT 20:56

Dearest Writers,

Some of you might be experiencing lag in experience. It is because of the high traffic we are getting. We didn't expect it to happen organically and have been using smaller servers until now. We will be upgrading in a week. We appreciate your patience.

1. The word of the day is CRASH, given the situation. Crash our servers yet again with your active participation.

2. Fill in the blank: Do you __________?


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Ayushi Dauneriya
23 NOV 2016 AT 21:05

... And sometimes in life, we stand on those rocks situated in the middle of nowhere. The idea is to stand firm in those difficult times cuz' one wrong step and you crash down the hill.


On strength. #YQBaba #crash


Saugata Pramanik
24 NOV 2016 AT 9:18

Crash into me like a Tsunami.
I just broke up with soothing waves.



Sara Jothi
24 NOV 2016 AT 11:01

Dreams and reality always come to a crash..
those who walk out unscathed, achieve.
But, the scarred..

...get to be legends!


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