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Ankeet Raj 2 NOV AT 2:24

It seems quite funny how,
Science and technology have evolved now,
Yet the best time capsule ever made,
Is the cold shower water on your head.
A few minutes can make you look,
Back at all the wrong decisions that you took,
All through your life, playing with your mind,
Making you regret while, preparing for crossroads of the same kind,
Funny how the bath you take to clean your shell,
Helps you cleanse your psyche as well.


Larissa Rizzy Rhone 23 SEP AT 20:05

How I wish there was a way
to wash and rinse some memories from my brain,
but since that wasn’t possible,
I tried to wash the memories away with a bottle of Courvoisier
But, when that didn’t work and the memories came flooding back, I then cleansed my soul in the form of a paperback.


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shalini guchait 20 SEP AT 19:36

the moody rains
cleans their veins at its
own schedule; and so they sit
cross legged
under a clear sky, waiting.


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shambhavi singh 30 JUL AT 22:10

Sometimes I go to the sea and sometimes sea comes to me
I get cleansed whichever it may be


Inkblot Sm 29 JUN AT 21:00

Rain was supposed to cleanse
Not make a muddy mess


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Suman Chandra 1 JUN AT 19:17

But even that would fall short to cleanse the sins of ur mind !!


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Jennifer Powell 2 MAY AT 3:13

I feel the need
To let go
Release some tension
Go with the flow
Forget about stress
Walk outside
Feel the wind blow
Go for a ride
Just relax
Ease my mind
Say a prayer
Forget my worries
Forget stress
Forget mistakes
Forgive and rest
I feed the need
To not be me
Just for a day
Nothing to see
I feel the need
To cleanse my soul
Free at last
No more nightmares
Of heat and coals...


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Emeka Mokeme 16 APR AT 4:03

When the body intends to cleanse and regenerates itself from the hurts of life,to repair the spiritual damage to the soul,it make the tears flow.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.


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