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Nachiketa Pattnayak 6 DEC AT 23:36

It might be many issue
For you ,
The whole world is not
Working for you and me
The choices
are made by ours
Falling for you is not my
But the time is bad which
Says to stop but
I am a fool !


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Sharmita Bhinder 29 NOV AT 0:31

I don't want to
Live my Life
In the same circles
I want the circles to grow
In dimensions
In vision
And in capacity
I don't want a small life
But definately a large one


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Chris OMalley 17 AUG AT 0:18

Nature's Rule
Things so simple that we fail to see
And take for granted like the growth rings in a tree
Spreading outward like the rings from a pebble dropped in a pool
All obeying nature's rule
Seldom in nature are things seen as
Circular or round Just look and their there
The nest of a bird and the Apple on the tree
The Earth in her glory are all plain to see
But look at the man's craftwerk
Rounded edges are rare
Straight lines, sharp edges, triangles and square
Man has lost the essence of the natural form
And he sleeps in a square bed in a square house for a home
I'm sure that a round house would alleviate stress
And no sharp edges with straight lines wouldn't look such a mess

Chris O'Malley


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Tejal Deora 12 JUL AT 15:45

When you love someone, draw circles around ur names instead of heart, because hearts can be broken while circles never end.


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Pearniars Agyemang Prempeh 6 JUL AT 3:42

The world is like a circus
and our lives goes round like a circle. Wherever you are now could be your starting point. And the good or evil you'll do wherever you are now will soon catch you up. You can never mess up and go scot free, your good deeds will never fail to reward you.



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