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Embracing Life Blog
30 DEC 2017 AT 10:17

dear girl who is in love,

you are not going to talk to him. i know it is hard, it physically hurts you now, near your chest. you see his statuses and you know they are directed at you. you saw him in that photo but the smile was not the same. you visited that restaurant yesterday where you made him try mediterranean food for the first time, yet you could not make yourself sit in the far corner of that place anymore.

(full letter in caption)


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Roopsi Aggarwal
16 DEC 2017 AT 19:07

Killing me in the womb is better;
If molestation, groping, inappropriate touching, rapes and bleeding to death, is what this world is going to greet me with
-Prayer of an unborn girl child😞


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Sherin Joseph
20 MAR 2017 AT 22:11

I still wake up in the morning
With you in front of my eyes
And in the next little blink
You just vaporize,
Into this early morning air
Leaving your warmth around.



Shruti Gupta
28 DEC 2017 AT 15:48

कागज़ का एक टुकड़ा हु मैं,
आ, मुझमे अपने आंसू भर दे।
एक लेख जो अधूरा था छोड़ा,
आज उसको भी पूरा कर दे।

तेरे सीने में दफनाए,
जो राज़ है कबसे छुपाए,
आ , उसको भी खाली कर दे,
तेरे दिल को थोड़ा दम दे,

मैं कोरा ही सही हु,
पर शमशान सा भी हु।
बातों के मुर्दे है कबसे गड़े,
एक कब्र तू भी, आ भरदे।

जो दर्द है कबसे पाले,
आ आधी आधी हम बाटे
हमराज़ मुझे बनाले,
रोएंगे संग में, मिलके।

ऐ हमदम मेरे, तू मेरी सुन
हमराही कलम ,से बातें बून।
कागज़ का एक टुकड़ा हु मैं,
शब्दो से मुझको भी रौशन कर दे।


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