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Ragini Chowrasia
12 JAN AT 15:53

I get offended
At times speak rudely
Annoyed with people's
Figure of speech
Incapable of barring with them,
Say something
Which I shouldn't have
I do regret of my tone
I do feel bad
But then,what's wrong
End up wrongly
My anger,my annoyance
Depends entirely,on
Their past behavior
Towards me


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Abhishek Dwivedi
13 MAY AT 22:19

“How many times am I supposed to repeat myself, that I love you?”, he asked her with a hint of annoyance. 
“Until I can see it in your eyes”, she replied jokingly.
“You see, that’s not going to be possible cause both of us do not have the gift of eyesight. But you could definitely feel my goosebumps when you touch me. I hope that’s enough evidence to prove my love”, he replied with a chuckle as he understood what she was trying to do.



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