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Agam Anand 11 OCT AT 0:30

एक बार जिंदगी बहुत मुश्किल हो गई थी पर मैं घबराया नहीं उसे आसान कर दिया|
और अब जब ज़िन्दगी आसान हो गई है तो उसे और आसान करना मुश्किल लगने लगा है|


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Agam Anand 28 AUG AT 16:03

Mind is the place where every thing gets the impetus and there every thing die.


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Agam Anand 21 JUL AT 22:49

In trade you are either in profit or loss but in love we ought to be always in love only. Don't make Love a trade, just love.


Agam Anand 14 MAY AT 13:24

If loving someone is the medicine we need in our lives then Flirting is the daily food supplement we desire. 😂🤣


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Agam Anand 29 MAR AT 23:28

She always invited me to her bed in the night and sent away in the morning, that's the reason why our love never saw the light of the day.



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