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Joined 30 September 2017
Agam Anand 15 MAY AT 16:26

ज़िन्दगी के हर पल को साथ बिताने की लालच में हम साथ बिताये पलों में ज़िन्दगी देखना भूल जाते हैं |


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Agam Anand 30 APR AT 18:46

The whole game of Life is to understand yourself and make yourself understand.


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Agam Anand 30 JAN AT 23:07

A relationship in which you are scared to tell the truth, which restricts your dreams, your individuality, and your liberty is not a relationship, it is a prison. And yes, unfortunately you are in love with a brutal jailor.


Agam Anand 8 MAY 2019 AT 16:25

True love never blooms in aristocracy, it can only take place in indigence.


Agam Anand 12 APR 2019 AT 23:25

There are only two religions in this world;
First, The religion of Genuinely progressive educated people and second; rest all.


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Agam Anand 19 MAR 2019 AT 12:12

The best feeling is when you sit silently for hours alone so that you can talk to yourself.


Agam Anand 19 MAR 2019 AT 11:59

I wanted to be invisible and then I switched off my phone for a couple of days, guess what? I actually felt the power of invisibility. Woah!!
Try Once, it really works.
Sir H. G. Wells, are you listening? It is not a fiction anymore.


Agam Anand 31 DEC 2018 AT 22:18

अजीब इश्क़ है मेरा,
ना शुरू होता है ना खत्म!


Agam Anand 11 OCT 2018 AT 0:30

एक बार जिंदगी बहुत मुश्किल हो गई थी पर मैं घबराया नहीं उसे आसान कर दिया|
और अब जब ज़िन्दगी आसान हो गई है तो उसे और आसान करना मुश्किल लगने लगा है|


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Agam Anand 10 SEP 2018 AT 22:52

Never get stuck with the past or else you'll soon be a thing of the past yourself.



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