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Siddarth Gupta 14 HOURS AGO

Starting with a hi,
Sail was high,
Before swept by a



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Siddarth Gupta 14 HOURS AGO

The moment,
When I decided to
take head on,
Head screamed,
"I am the tail" ..


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Image - another my meaningless scribble 馃檹

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Siddarth Gupta 15 HOURS AGO

Stamping my
breathe away,
Hopefully your
feet smells better!!


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Siddarth Gupta 15 HOURS AGO

Outta every lie
I believed,
best was,
you are you!!


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prescribed craziness 15 HOURS AGO

starve me with truth,
rather than getting me
OD(overdosed) on your sweet lies!..


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Siddarth Gupta 16 HOURS AGO

Stab me
with a dagger,
Never choke me
with a candy..


#yqbaba #randomscribbles #memersblock

Image - my scribble.. Literally!!

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