Language Festival 2018



Undoubtedly I had to wait for a while..But i can say i have bestest friend's for life.. 
Nor do I desire heaven anymore, for your friendship has given me all the love.
When I need a little lift,You'll are my amazing gift. 
I will always care for you both,
As love and only love we share. 
My friendship for you'll is true,we'll stay together like a glue.
Our frienship  could win medal of gold,such a strong bond we hold. 
I want to tell you both from all my heart, a very big THANKYOU for coming in my life, my kishuli forever and ever 💜💋


I pray that One day i get to see  my bestii with a guy who makes her completely happy because she's always been there for me and she deserves nothing but the best in life...😊😊😊
                Dedicated this lines my one and only vanshiii😍😘 love uhh bae😊