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Poetry hits when you're dilapidated
Joined 8 December 2017

Poetry hits when you're dilapidated
Joined 8 December 2017
Sylvia Rosario 9 APR AT 0:16

Things are tearing apart,They are getting worse,I've started seeing stuff happening, ear plugs no more stop me from hearing, im afraid, my heart beat's raising, my tears refused to roll and once again each part of me is hurting, i regret that i once said that i was happy for now it bought me an emotional hell.


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Sylvia Rosario 6 APR AT 21:18

Isn't it an irony,
You were hitting on me and i was playing hard to get,
Now when i want you so bad, you dont give a damn!


Sylvia Rosario 1 APR AT 22:01

I've come this long taking depression along, Little did i know pain could be this addictive that my body and soul are yearning to be broken coz now, that's where i belong.


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Sylvia Rosario 24 MAR AT 20:42

And that's why dinosaurs went extinct
they couldn't move on with the moving world,
Its lonely to be a dinosaur.


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Sylvia Rosario 20 MAR AT 12:03

Im finally smiling for me,
I've set myself free,
To wander in the widest sea.


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Sylvia Rosario 2 MAR AT 22:01

Im uttermost miserable,
when im sick in head and irrecoverable,
when i exist but im hopelessly invisible,
when i can't move but im highly unstable,
when the universe seems simply intolerable!


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Sylvia Rosario 26 FEB AT 14:22

Just happened to watch the Pakistani news and have never seen such insecure piece of shit before. They have been shamelessly portraying the previous wars in a filthy manner.
Greater pride and honour towards INDIA for maintaining discipline and standards.
Also Huge Respect For The Indian Air Force!


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Sylvia Rosario 24 FEB AT 23:21

i recall,
you just walked out,
leaving our relation at doubt.

I've been apart yet been so strong,
Regretting each day of my living
for i was always wrong!


Sylvia Rosario 23 FEB AT 12:53

These heartbreaks,
for they make me as numb as 4 joints.
These extreme stress,
for they dump me into the filthy anxiety.
These hopeless tears,
for my heart pleads me to just stop!


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Sylvia Rosario 21 FEB AT 21:06

I don't understand what is bothering me,
I'm not bound yet i dont feel free.

im watching but my sight refuses to see,
im feeling numb unable to accept me,
what little thing is this im finding wider than the sea!


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