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Poetry hits when you're dilapidated
Joined 8 December 2017

Poetry hits when you're dilapidated
Joined 8 December 2017
Sylvia Rosario 7 JUN AT 18:05

I've lost love in humans and found it in things but no matter what i hold close to my heart always gives me pain.


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Sylvia Rosario 21 MAY AT 1:00

There's this darkness lurking within me,
I Swallow anger and form rage within me,
I Grow hatefulness within me,
I cry within me,
I die within me,
A terrible person i don't want to be,
That i have within me.


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Sylvia Rosario 20 MAY AT 1:38

We stayed up untill the moon laid low,
Now that u've abandoned me,
I stay up all alone untill the sun starts to glow.


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Sylvia Rosario 11 MAY AT 22:58

You are my stupid crush,
I haven't seen you perfectly yet everyday i picture you, i get to places i can find you, i wait for hours for you to pass yet when u do i have no courage to look upon, though there aint any hard feeling i can't stand you looking at someone else because,
You are my stupid crush.


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Sylvia Rosario 9 MAY AT 14:27

Rule no. O1
Live above all,
Live all by yourself, Alone and Free.


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Sylvia Rosario 6 MAY AT 23:53

I chose to like you.
I chose to accept you.
I chose to live for you.
I chose to change for you.
I chose to leave you behind.
I chose to forgive you.
I chose to not like you.
But after all these wrong choices I've made,
I again choose to live with a heart full of you,


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Sylvia Rosario 3 MAY AT 23:14

There must be fault in my star,
for everything i ever wanted has departed so far.
As all this while I've been doing really well,
None could ever know I've been in an emotional hell.


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Sylvia Rosario 28 APR AT 22:26

The fact is, anything said before "but" never counts.


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Sylvia Rosario 23 APR AT 12:22

Its been ages it's over and now when i look at myself it feels so fresh, the other day i met you, it felt like we were a perfect thing yesterday, it felt like i saw your smile for the first time, my heart ached when i saw it in your eyes. That look, those eyes just told me you still wanted me and i hope you found it mine too.


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Sylvia Rosario 6 APR AT 21:18

Isn't it an irony,
You were hitting on me and i was playing hard to get,
Now when i want you so bad, you dont give a damn!



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