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15 OCT 2021 AT 13:41

Men come and men go but there are very few individuals who leave permanent foot prints on the sands of his history for generations to learn and follow. one such hero which India got was Dr APJ Abdul kalam sir
October 15 which is the birthday of Dr APJ Abdul kalam ,is commemorated as world student 's day on his birthday since 2010

Today is his 90th birth anniversary
Happy birthday to one of the most influence and honoured person who has given his entire life to serve our nation
Happy Birthday Dr APJ Abdul Kalam sir🙏🙏
- Surbhi


5 SEP 2021 AT 13:41

O Teacher you made me learn,
You taught me how to earn,
You gave me all types of knowledge,
You were with me always in school and college.
O Teacher !you always arose my error,
Only to show my true image in mirror,
for making me very good,you punished,
That's why all the bad thing I banished,
It had become a true realation .
You made me understand that there should not be hesitation,
Now,fluent and true speaking is my a Intention.
You made me understand ,how to play,
You interpretend,how to enjoy with plant and clay.
Thank you ,teacher,for being so kind,
Thank you,for developing my soul,and mind.

Surbhi Sonali


31 JUL 2021 AT 14:39



8 JUL 2021 AT 14:10

Help me to be
Eternal and gracious God,
Help me to be curious
About me the world around me.
Help me to be prepared
For the challenges and face each day.
Help me to be open
to difficult task.
Help me to be determined
to complete my work.
Help me to be responsible in all I do.
Help me to be accepting
Of people defferences.
Help me to be kind.
In my thoughts and word.
Help me to be aware,
Of my talents.
Help me to be myself,
To be the best that I can be.
-Surbhi Sonali


28 JUN 2021 AT 14:01

At Night In June

The sun has long been set
The star are out by tools and threes,
The little birds are peeping yet
Among the bushes and trees;

There's cuckoo,
And one or two thrushes ,
And for off wind that rushes,
And sound of water that gushes,
And cuckoo's sovereign cry
Till all the hollow of the Sky.

Surbhi Sonali


20 JUN 2021 AT 14:38

मेरी साहस मेरी ताकत,
मेरे हैं सम्मान ❤पिता l

मेरी खुशियाँ मेरी इज्ज़त
मेरे हैं अभिमान❤ पिता l

सारे घर की रौनक़ उनसे,
सारे घर की शान❤ पिता l

मुझको हिम्मत देने वाले,
हैं मेरे अभिमान❤ पिता l

सारे रिश्ते उनके दम से ,
सारी बाते उनसे हैं l

सारे घर के दिल की धड़कन,
सारे घर की जान ❤पिता l

शायद रब ने देखकर भेजा,
फल ये अच्छे कर्मों का l

उनकी रहमत उनकी नेमत,
उनके हैं वरदान❤ पिता l

- Surbhi ❤Sonali


14 JUN 2021 AT 13:34

पास होकर भी एहसास न होती,
जब समझ होती तो तू पास न होतीl
तुम्हारे पास झुकाने की ताकत है,
साथ का तुम्हारे, हर इंसान को आदत है l
चमकते हुए सितारों की तरह पहचान कर देती,
जरूरत में जब तुम साथ दें देती l
वो वक़्त है, जो खोने के बाद एहसास कराती,
नही क़द्र की तो औकात दिखा देती l
जब साथ हो तो मुश्किल समय भी ख़ास हो जाती,
सफ़लता को पाने की मंज़िल आसान हो जाती l

-Surbhi Sonali


8 JUN 2021 AT 15:24

Every drop of rain reminding a day...
When we were child and started play...
Those scenes I haven't in the photo frame...
Coz, that was the memory which passed like a train...
I'm still remembering the sweet memory of hide&seek game.
We all were fond of this game's name.
but I was the winner how I claimed.....
All play very wrong and started to blame...
I know you all planned for only hide....
and all were thought she is cute,
she never took it mind...
All of your secrets I've already known..
Just coz,of friendship I had never shown...
- Surbhi Sonali


30 MAY 2021 AT 12:52

Roaring clouds across the sky
Tell us that monsoon 's here
Dark and floating clouds then
Pour rain drops everywhere.
Clouds make lightening
Flash overhead and irrigate feilds
with rain
Clouds make earth, its fragrance
Spread when wet with drop of rain.
Rising from the earth to ocean vast
Clouds fill up with rain
Rain to ocean, back at last
To meet with ocean again !

-Surbhi Sonali


23 MAY 2021 AT 12:44

बयां ना कर सकूँ जो अपनी बातो से,
वो आती है मन की यादो से l
परवाह नहीं की क्या कीमत है मेरी,
बस विश्वास है, जब साथ हो तेरी l
छोटे से पन्नों में अपनी विचार
लिख देती,
जब उठती है तो अपनी याद छोड़ देती l
तेरे बिन तो किताबे अधूरी है,
साथ पाकर तेरी हर जज़्बात पूरी है l
मामूली इंसान के भीतर भी शान भर देती,
कलम हो तुम दो शब्दो में हमारी पहचान
लिख देती l


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