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Runaway dreams!
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Runaway dreams!
Joined 11 August 2017
Sumit Pareek 29 JUN AT 10:27

I'm still in it, i mean it,
every minute, every second,
i'm waiting for that second
chance that you never gave "us",
what you gave was "give up"
on me, on us, on everything we had.
We had "almost everything"
or may be every thing
that we had was "almost".
I'm in pieces, looking for my
peace of mind & right before i'm
about to drown she hauls me
from the sea, see somehow, her
memories brakes me
from crashing but they break me.
Maybe, i'm not right for
her, she knows i only write for
her, right from the start, to the
moon & back & back to the stars.
She cuts, i bleed but she leaves
no scar. She's an angel but
an angel who loves war.


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Sumit Pareek 23 MAY AT 11:25

here i go i'm writing the end, but i don't know where to start.
we failed in love? or we just fell in love to fall apart?
you call me heartless, yet ironically writing this breaks my heart.
thought you were a part of my life but you left once you played your part.

gone mad, i'm looking for you when i'm the one who's lost.
your pain exceeds your love, was it really worth what it cost?
cause it cost me my soul, your memories all over me like parasite taking over its host.
did you held me in your arms just to slit off my throat?

i feel all at once: sad, mad, happy, normal and anger.
maybe this is how it feels when your guardian angel puts you in danger.
or maybe, this is what happens when soulmates turns stranger.
can't believe you buried me alive, when you were supposed to be my avenger.

for you this may be just another quote, but this is my story to tell.
i hope i go to heaven when i die, coz without you, my life is living hell.


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Sumit Pareek 6 APR AT 12:41

अधूरी तेरी हर मुराद, पूरी मैं यूं कर दूं।
काट पंख अपने, तेरी उड़ानों को मैं पर दूं।

सपनों को तेरे मैं अपना बना लूं,
आंखो में अपनी मैं उनको बसा लूं।
बसना ना चाहूं आंखों के काजल में तेरे,
काले घेरों में आशियां अपना सजा लूं।

चाहत से मेरी ख़ुदा भी खफा हैं,
पर ख़ैर छोड़ो ये ना पहली दफा हैं।
करता शिक़ायत वो केहता मुझे यूं;

बस नमाजें मेरी तू करता अदा हैं,
बसता तेरी रूह में कोई और ही ख़ुदा हैं।


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Sumit Pareek 3 APR AT 19:33

Left me with no regrets.
My eyes wet & life mess, while her's sorted and set.

You loved 'you' and I loved 'us'.
But maybe for you love was never enough.

Use to sing me to sleep on sleepless nights under the sky.
the songs are still the same, just for a different guy.

Broke me, tore me & kept herself whole.
Soulmate i believed, took away my soul.

She's living her dream, while i'm lying lifeless on my bed,
living with her lies & promises she never kept.

I'm 6 feet under & she's flying up in the sky.
My forever left me, without saying goodbye.


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Sumit Pareek 16 MAR AT 19:00

When was the last time you felt free? Free from any weight of the past or any anticipation of the future. Just free.

When was the last time you had a moment of peace? Just by yourself. Not thinking about your work or studies. No mark sheet, no score cards and no pay checks.

When was the last time you lived for yourself? Being yourself. Not living by expectations, not caring about society. Not following the pattern and not going with the flow.

When was the last time you felt good about yourself? Just happy for who you are. Not comparing your life with others. Looking in the mirror and not pointing out flaws or wishing to be like someone.

If answers to all these questions leaves you wondering, you really need to take out some time for yourself. Give yourself some space to breathe. You have been going tough on yourself and you need to cut some slack for a while.

Everything won't be perfect and that's perfectly fine. In your life you'll meet many people but you have only one YOU. Save yourself coz if you won't no one will.

After all, what good is a lifeless life and deathless death?


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Sumit Pareek 8 MAR AT 13:58

She fights for her rights.
Yes, she works late at night.

She goes to a bar.
Yes, she perfectly drives her car.

She parties hard, and at times she goes wild.
Yes, but that doesn't makes her a spoiled child.

And yes,

She'll bruise your chauvinist ego, its no big deal.
Yes, she's a girl but she's a girl with nerves of steel.


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Sumit Pareek 16 FEB AT 8:44

मोमबत्तियां जला कर फिर आज मेरा देश जागा हैं,
घर में मेरे फिर आज कोई घुस्बैठ करके भागा हैं।

फिर WhatsApp status और Insta Story डाली जाएगी,
फिर एक बार शाहिद को सलामी और Pakistan को गाली दी जाएगी।

एक बार फिर उन्न शहीदों के भाई उनका बदला लेने जाएंगे,
जो ख़ामोश हुए हमारे 40 तो हम 400 ख़ामोश करके आएंगे।

फिर उन्न शहीदों को कुछ लाख़ का मुआवजा दिया जाएगा,
फिर कोई director इस पर पिक्चर बनाकर करोड़ों कमाएगा।

फिर कोई कलाकार How's the Josh? का नारा लगाएगा,
पूरी जान लगा कर जिस पर देश मेरा High Sir चिल्लाएगा।

आंसू सूखने से भी पहले उसके परिवरवालों का interview लिया जाएगा,
देख जिसे TV पर किसी फौजी की बूढ़ी माँ सोचेगी:
क्या मेरा बेटा घर लौट कर आएगा?


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Sumit Pareek 11 JAN AT 10:10

...sometimes, when you feel like you've been scrolling for ages, feeling all empty, lone, mundane. and suddenly you come across those words, those normal ones' just arranged in a magical way to perfectly put your feelings in words and you're like, this is me. this has been written just about me. those words matches every minute details of your being and you start thinking that somewhere someone is out there who feels just the same as you do, understands what you're going through, has lived or maybe is living with it and that makes you feel a little less lonely, a little less faded, that gives you the strength to survive one more day, to look up to something...

that's the power of words, it gives you not what you want but what you need to keep moving forward;


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Sumit Pareek 28 DEC 2018 AT 11:36

the one in a million


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Sumit Pareek 19 DEC 2018 AT 12:01

ज़िंदगी में मुश्किल हालात, कब्रिस्तान में उस कब्र की तरह होते हैं।

जहां तक हर कोई साथ आता हैं,
पर उसके आगे साथ चलना कोई नहीं चाहता।


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