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Passionate reader, writer by profession. Animal lover and protector.
Joined 5 December 2016

Passionate reader, writer by profession. Animal lover and protector.
Joined 5 December 2016
Sulekha Pande 18 FEB 2017 AT 19:54

All my life,
I walked with one glass slipper,
only you had the other one,
that fitted perfectly,
it was not,
happily ever after...
I wonder,


#YQBaba, #glass, #prince, #everafter, #happily

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Sulekha Pande 15 FEB 2017 AT 0:11

I had said yes,
to you...
it was my fault..
My fault.......


#YQBaba, #yes, #fault, #love, #me, #you
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Sulekha Pande 14 FEB 2017 AT 11:41

प्यार भी बड़ा अजीब होता है,
या तो होता है,
या कभी नहीं होता,
न डूबने देता है,
न तैरने देता है,
रुलाता है,
हँसाता है,
दिल को चीर देता है,
सुकून से न जीने देता है,
न मरने देता है,
इश्क़, मोहब्बत, प्रेम, प्यार,
उल्टी वा की धार....


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Sulekha Pande 13 FEB 2017 AT 20:56

My heart surfed high,
on the waves of your love,
and then,
you made it crash......


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Sulekha Pande 13 FEB 2017 AT 11:46

That night,
we both,
looked at the moon,
and thought of each other...
Miles apart....


Sulekha Pande 12 FEB 2017 AT 21:48

Every night,
I will myself,
to stop the tears,
every night,
I will myself,
to think,
that the pain would ease,
some day,
and fail miserably,
I will myself, off of the bed,
to start a new day....
I will myself,
to live without you,


Sulekha Pande 11 FEB 2017 AT 20:58

I promise you,
one day, some day,
I too will,
all those warm words,
the roses, the kisses,
the passion that we shared,
the long chit chats,
the coffees,
the lazy Sunday mornings,
the winter nights in your warmth,
the summery afternoons,
the love,
I promise you,
I will forget it all too..
Just the way,
you have too...


Sulekha Pande 10 FEB 2017 AT 21:14

Sometimes even in a crowd,
we're lonely,
sometimes we are full of someone,
even while alone.....
Being single is,
just a state of mind....


Sulekha Pande 9 FEB 2017 AT 21:57

The entire sweetness,
of the whole world,
in one picture....


#YQBaba, #sweet, #dogs, #adorable, #sweetness, #cute
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Sulekha Pande 8 FEB 2017 AT 13:14

कमाल के लोग होते हैं,
जो अपनी पीड़ा को छिपा कर भी,
दूसरों को ख़ुशी देते हैं,
एक टूटा बिखरा पिता,
जिसने जवान बेटे को खोने की,
असह्य पीड़ा सही,
फिर भी सबके होंठों को दी,
लारा लप्पा से लेकर,
चिट्ठी न कोई संदेस,
यादों के सफ़र में,
अनगिनत जगमगाते मोती...
जगजीत जी,



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