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Taken by depression
Joined 5 January 2018

Taken by depression
Joined 5 January 2018
Sucharita Priyadarshini YESTERDAY AT 22:30

Your gazes bloom like
the shattered words of a forgotten poem
Fluttering beneath the silvery silence of night
And I tried to discover galaxies
hidden deep inside your eyes.
Your stares talks with my pauses
And I sip the divine silence of your hugs
You cage my voice inside your intense breaths
And I melt like the waning moon
Mounting on you.
You hold my bleeding secrets
weakening heaviness of solitude
And I begin to decay within your arms
To revive your drooping whispers
And your finger resurrect my last smile
So my ashes can turn into stardust.


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Sucharita Priyadarshini 12 JUN AT 11:47

Celebrity Crush

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She holds the lines of tranquility
stars the words of love
She is a sky
Wide and divine
Silently caging hearts
Inside her blueness


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Sucharita Priyadarshini 12 MAY AT 16:57

A Goddess just to be worshipped on mother's day and get neglected every other day.
A mother is not a vulgar word or person to be abused for fun and hate.
A mother is not a machine to work all day
without any complain.
She is not a lady to be left alone
in her old days
She is not just a photo to be uploaded in social media
She is a person who needs real love and care


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Sucharita Priyadarshini 27 MAR AT 23:40

And the broken heart
Is still pounding for the expectations
The dead brain is bleeding high hopes
The hunger is eating my innerself
Dragging me to an organised depression
As I'm cursed with an optimistic mind
And blessed with a stoical heart.


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Sucharita Priyadarshini 21 MAR AT 20:52

The stanzas telling how to love,
How to live and how to dream
But it's an abstract reality to dwell in.
A poem is not a game of metaphors and similes,
But it's the art of life tearing smiles
A poem is neither the boundaries of
Nor a destination,
It's an autonomy of emotions
And the reflection of dreams
Rising beyond the clouds
Pushing the limits of horizon.
A poem is not a flow
To measure the depth of creation,
It's a timeless story of time travel
And journey of hidden feelings
Breathing pain and pleasure
Keeping the souls alive
It's a flaw beyond perfection.


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Sucharita Priyadarshini 20 MAR AT 18:58

The love story between introvert and extrovert is the modern day fairytale.


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Sucharita Priyadarshini 16 MAR AT 23:27

The sky started to wear its silver outfit
And the stars are adding shimmer to it
It's your time to come
surpassing the curtains
With the mild blow of zephyr
To undress a new romanticism
The way you do every other night.
Now you'll come to read my silence
And sketch it on the canvass of emptiness
Framing our breaths and pauses
Adding the colour of our intense childishness
Where I find a strange belongingness
Like every other night.
It's your time you'll run your fingers
Through my hair
With the soft touch of oil massage
Teleporting the old days that we never had
And to dream that we will never have
Like every other night.
Now it's time to flow with the moments
And the flow is as smooth as a love song
And the vintage black and white themed instrumental
Strumming deep with our pulses and whispers
Leaving an auditory passage of our silent poetry
Like every other night.
Now it's the time that you'll reshape
Romance in your very own way
Physically isolated romantically coupled
Kissing me in the dark from the distance
To lighten my soul
And the light will swallow you up
And you'll return
Gifting me a solitude of togetherness
Like every other night.


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Sucharita Priyadarshini 12 MAR AT 23:58

I fudged the truth
feigned a smile
enshrouded by your fake love
Besmirching it's fame
to glisten your glorious sin
Being a brazen in your realm
As I chose to love you.
Stuck betwixt ordeals and promises
An urge to shield your smirks
That you filed to deepen my wounds
And to kill my smiles
Still I'll inhale the stabs and backlash
And bleed to magnify your pride
As I chose to love you.
Smitten by your disdain
Shattered by abuse
Still I'll break my own heart
To bring a curve on your face
As I chose to love you.
I'll rise again and again
To fall once more
So you can soar
Then I will die to hand you peace
As I chose to love you.


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Sucharita Priyadarshini 10 MAR AT 17:09

Love is not any escape or dream
It's the reality to live each moment
It's not a fairytale
It's life .



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