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I love God's shadow more than man's light
Joined 5 January 2018

I love God's shadow more than man's light
Joined 5 January 2018
Sucharita Priyadarshini 10 DEC AT 20:57

It feels like
condensing a volcano
consuming an ocean
unraveling skies
and encircling infinities

It goes like an adventure
With all courage and fire
I drown myself
under your skin

and then I can't do anything
but love your vulnerability
more and more


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Rebuilding my own destiny
obliterating sinful pasts
with the sanctity of Purnima
Like its moon
I wear scars and remnants
with grace and grandeur

Consolidating my existence
with fallings and hopes
I reward life and solitudes
with autumns and spring
unfurling a new beginning
to embrace an unborn future


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I climb thousands of thoughts
walk miles in dreams
linking and summing
all the probabilities
to reach you

when i fail
i close my eyes
with a reality check
but i still find you
as a strength
dangling in sunshine
unraveling late night sufferings
adoring and greeting changes
whispering me
that goodbyes are beautiful

and i hold you
in my morning smile
as a new beginning
i see you existing
in my own existence
or somewhere in a world
i want to exist


Hope 鉂o笍
Thank you Manifest Anima for the poke

#yqbaba #yqlove #lovequotes

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We hold the magic
dripping from September moon
and carry it with
the legacy of stars
while moving forward
and towards
the December nights
to melt another crust of
love and lies
frosted under
some incomplete forevers


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Sucharita Priyadarshini 18 NOV AT 20:59

and they asked me to accept the reality
with a fake smile


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you're still left
in my search bar
in my password
in my last thoughts
before sleep
in the drafts
flowing through my pen
with symphonies of nights
resting on my breaths
keeping me warm
almost alive
you're still left
in my world of dreams
holding a soft light
that never fades
never goes out of my heart
and that's how
you still light me up


You're still left in me

#yqbaba #midnughtthoughts #yqlove

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Sucharita Priyadarshini 11 NOV AT 23:36

i know
i'm very bad at hiding
but i will try my best
to be a stranger
the way you want


Coz loved you once

#yqbaba #yqlove #midnightthoughts

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Sucharita Priyadarshini 11 NOV AT 18:26

You make
the battles look beautiful
when you conquer
those toxic screams
hurting my throat
with the soft music
of your giggle
and when you open
scars gently
and compress wounds
the skin gets glow
of thousand stars
you make everything
so easy
and may be
that makes you beautiful
so lovable
and an extraordinary soul
in this universe


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it's hard
to hold back
your madness,

your screams
and your words


feelings 馃挃

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There is a soft music
in your chuckles
in your words
in your sighs
that sets me free
holds me tight
calms me down
revives every atom
of my exhausted a body
and i go wild and intense
finding a home
in your voice


Your voice gives life to my breathes
#yqbaba #yqlove #lovequotes #love #life

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