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Taken by depression
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Taken by depression
Joined 5 January 2018
Sucharita Priyadarshini 23 JUL AT 21:23

You left the marks
of your unfinished verses
on my scars
that still smells of you
and my dark pigmented skin
toxicated with your touch
still aches for your whispers.
Your words rest in the
crevices of my undertone
accumulating the underlying secrets
with toxic promises
seeping into my veins
and I begin to shed the dead cells
that had your colour
still the unpeeled skin you lelf
shines with the spark of your silence.


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I place the fallen desires
on my bed
besides my imagination
When I touch them ,
I feel every pulsating moment
of your breath
every breathtaking chuckle
every tuneful whisper,
merging with slumber
coming from the distant horizon
to wrap me underneath
the illusive romanticism
and I sleep with the idea
of having you by myside.
I wake up next to the strains of
last night memories
soaking in captive imagination
and again I begin the day
with the idea of having you by my side
living by imagining you
cause you're the daydream
I love to dream
all day and night.


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When it drips
My mottled heart grips the grief
As I see my solitary thoughts
scattering through the monsoon drops.
I see my dissolving perceptions
and unromantic dimensions
Through the window
Showing me the colourless slant on life
Beyond the silver lining and through its slits
Bringing solitude and silence for lifetime.
I search for the faded lustre
In the lifeless rainbows and grinning trees
On the gleaming moss and drenched green leaves
And my soul continue to weep with the slow breeze
Syncing with the accoustics of morning rain music
And the fretful screams of crickets
In drowsy midnights
Still the pain remains constant
As I continue to crave for the forbidden self musings
Aching for the blocked twinkles and broken moonlight
To carve the emptiness and settle in night
But with each passing hour
My restless soul sleeps with the solitude of rainy affair


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Sucharita Priyadarshini 25 JUN AT 22:44

You came like a breath of fresh air
In a late summer evening
Breaking the silent equilibrium
Between sea and sky.
I traced your ephemeral presence
As you left your marks
all over my hair skin and dream,
Felt your invisible texture in my veins
As I inhaled you in dying minute
That's how you live within me
Though I couldn't make you mine.


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Sucharita Priyadarshini 23 JUN AT 22:30

Your gazes bloom like
the shattered words of a forgotten poem
Fluttering beneath the silvery silence of night
And I tried to discover galaxies
hidden deep inside your eyes.
Your stares talks with my pauses
And I sip the divine silence of your hugs
You cage my voice inside your intense breaths
And I melt like the waning moon
Mounting on you.
You hold my bleeding secrets
weakening heaviness of solitude
And I begin to decay within your arms
To revive your drooping whispers
And your finger resurrect my last smile
So my ashes can turn into stardust.


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Sucharita Priyadarshini 12 JUN AT 11:47

Celebrity Crush

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She holds the lines of tranquility
stars the words of love
She is a sky
Wide and divine
Silently caging hearts
Inside her blueness


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Sucharita Priyadarshini 12 MAY AT 16:57

A Goddess just to be worshipped on mother's day and get neglected every other day.
A mother is not a vulgar word or person to be abused for fun and hate.
A mother is not a machine to work all day
without any complain.
She is not a lady to be left alone
in her old days
She is not just a photo to be uploaded in social media
She is a person who needs real love and care


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Sucharita Priyadarshini 27 MAR AT 23:40

And the broken heart
Is still pounding for the expectations
The dead brain is bleeding high hopes
The hunger is eating my innerself
Dragging me to an organised depression
As I'm cursed with an optimistic mind
And blessed with a stoical heart.


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Sucharita Priyadarshini 21 MAR AT 20:52

The stanzas telling how to love,
How to live and how to dream
But it's an abstract reality to dwell in.
A poem is not a game of metaphors and similes,
But it's the art of life tearing smiles
A poem is neither the boundaries of
Nor a destination,
It's an autonomy of emotions
And the reflection of dreams
Rising beyond the clouds
Pushing the limits of horizon.
A poem is not a flow
To measure the depth of creation,
It's a timeless story of time travel
And journey of hidden feelings
Breathing pain and pleasure
Keeping the souls alive
It's a flaw beyond perfection.


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