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Joined 31 October 2017
21 JAN AT 16:32

Abandon you.
Even the loneliness is embellished by their memories.

Remain within you,
Even when they are apart.


20 JAN AT 23:10

My wait remains.
As you are not beside me.
To soothe my pain.
To hug me tight.
Missing is you is my habit.
Something i cannot live without
As i know.
I need to travel a lot to reach you.


20 JAN AT 21:35

It is all about finding that strength within us,
When we are on the brim of breaking away.


20 JAN AT 18:47

You are helpless..
The pain kills the soul..
Like stabbing even when it is dead..
And then lets a smile bud in the lips.
Even when the heartaches to the core.


20 JAN AT 18:43

Receive all the letters from you.
As i look at it most lovingly.
And eagerly wait beside it,
For your words to flow in.


16 JAN AT 22:22

And pick the unknown pieces of me.
Which are jumbled up,
Arranging them like an expert.
You untangle my knots
And tangle my heart with yours.


15 JAN AT 21:51

Memories we weaved.
Which remained etched in my soul.
Walking away from you.
Agonized my heart...
My eyes betrayed me.
And let my tears let go of my clutches.
For a moment i felt like the world is shattered.
Because you are my world.
And i feel alive only when you are happier.


15 JAN AT 21:05

The right mix of medicine.
Which is an amalgamation of.
Love, care attention, and being around even when you cant.


14 JAN AT 19:18

Every time i wanna break down.
I imagine a piece of you breaking away.
With every piece of me drifting away.
It's a piece of you are broken.
Ever since i felt that.
I began to uphold,
Every bit and piece of me shattered away...
To become you and me together.


13 JAN AT 22:54

You arrived in my life.
Showering me with.
Unprecedented love
Through your genuine eyes.
And tight hugs.
And those kisses,
That part my lips,
Down into my soul.


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