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Joined 31 October 2017
Sreepriya Menon YESTERDAY AT 6:22

All alone,
As i wandered into the woods,
All i felt was my wings;
The freedom to fly away,
Yet i chose to shed them,
And walk a mile away.


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Sreepriya Menon 5 APR AT 8:47

Do not try to be like someone else,
Just because the rest felt,
Someone is better.
Being you is very meaningful.


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Sreepriya Menon 4 MAR AT 23:39

The feel of your heartbeat.
On my fingers.
It is like a piece of me is residing in you.
Reminding the moment you were within me...
As i remember caressing you,
Feeling you, from within my womb.
You still excite me the same way...
As you did then.


Being a mom is indéed a blessing.

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Sreepriya Menon 1 MAR AT 3:24

Wake up to a bright side,
Every day gives you a chance to make things right and worth living.


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Sreepriya Menon 29 FEB AT 0:16

I deceived my heart..
With a smile..
To stop the tears
That would fall off from the storming sea wthin me.


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Sreepriya Menon 23 FEB AT 23:03

A journey i began, with the hope of destiny, that is you...
But even after every hurdle, i crossed, every difficult time i endured...
All i ended up was loneliness.
By the time i traversed.
You had gone.
To a distance that seems near.
But so apart like light-years from my heart.


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Sreepriya Menon 12 FEB AT 19:34

I will never give up..
I will never lose trust in myself.
I will never lose hope.


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Sreepriya Menon 12 FEB AT 19:29

It was like the sea embracing the sand...


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Sreepriya Menon 24 DEC 2019 AT 6:54

Is as vulnerable as me.
Who can read my words in my silence...
Who can tolerate my my normality...
And even love me the way, i never wana lose them.


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Sreepriya Menon 5 DEC 2019 AT 19:34

Everything I struggled for..
Every pain I endured..
Every nonsense I tolerated..
Every other criticism I embrace..
Every word I swallowed and even let go..
Everyone I cared for and not cared for...
Every sacrifice I did, for the joy of others...
Yet I do not know, whether I meant to be what I want to be.


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