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Joined 31 October 2017
19 AUG 2021 AT 20:11

We all want to hide away,
But still want to be found.


11 JUL 2021 AT 1:22

He is what he is.
She is what she is.
But what makes them a unique pair is...
What they are together.


7 JUL 2021 AT 4:46

Save me from inundating,
In emotions.
That drowns my eyes.


3 JUN 2021 AT 23:30

There are no human beings.
All that exists is...
A man or a woman.
A Dalit or upper caste.
A feminist or a man or a woman.
A sangi..pinki or tank..and a God who knows what all.
Then comes a slut with a but(t).
Same-sex or different sex or no sex...

And we all forget that we are human a short life unpredictable.


28 APR 2021 AT 6:13

Wherein i paint a life.
With you...
Where you and I are never apart.


28 APR 2021 AT 5:33

A broken heart.
Echoes poems.
On true love.


31 MAR 2021 AT 8:31

Giving away.
Those things that we treasured.
For the sake of others' happiness.
And move on.


23 MAR 2021 AT 1:52

Flowing ..
Through my mind.


22 MAR 2021 AT 7:30

I see the pain.
And emotions.
That is hidden from the world.


21 MAR 2021 AT 8:43

Sometimes my smile is an allegory of all the storms within me.


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