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Joined 14 June 2017
21 JUN AT 23:46

Entangled in my own chaos where some strings all bunched danced in misfits forms.Some weak threads that keep breaking every season and some exists for reason.And few uninvited ,wraps around me finding spaces here and there and quickly untie themselves on finding colourful matches. Me the ball of wool bearing it feels so heavy that hunts for scissors to pacify myself being served perpetually with delicious lies.

But then witnessing me struggling and in pain ,an adhesive like thing approach showing light at the end of tunnel.Letting me all cut unwanted and painful threads with needles attached pricking so hard ,some dead knots detachment making me feel lighter.Healed my bruises and aids my scratched wounds .

Not only it gave me a new shape but glued back my threads i use to embrace and moulded me to my favourite shape giving a spark of new life
Thank you adhesive.✨


5 MAY AT 23:15

Back to the suburbs at the same corner,found my old broken heart,
The echo of jingles & laughter in my ears haven’t yet depart.

Obsessing over Old Graffiti street was our favourite place to meet,
Sharing scars & insecurities along iced latte turns out sweet.

Dancing in rain & tossing with sunflowers always forgets about clock,
Loved your imperfections as for my every worry you were my first knock.

Cause with you I always laugh a little louder & smile a bit more bright ,
Holding hands beneath bridge & running to chase high cliff sun sight.

Seeing you my heart meets the ocean & skies turns gorgeously pink,
Was all this real or hallucination that vanished in an eye’s blink.


23 FEB AT 23:56

So much engrossed in the world i kept you aside,
Sailing in the boat full of traitors & went for the ride.

Planned to put me in trouble was the ship's norm
The passenger around gifted me with high tides and storm

Seeing me all helpless and impulsive they made my fun,
In harsh weather with no way out to escape till the next sun.

Surrendering all I bow down to seek for your grace,
Immediately a hand appeared so huge next to my face.

Astonished to see the hand growing bigger that let me float,
Miraculously swimmed all to the shore and saw a wrapped note.

"You are always safe in my hands"is what it beautifully says,
Protected by you invites tears of gratitude as I scribble this other day.


1 NOV 2020 AT 1:02

Maybe i have few pieces of my heart still in your hold.
To which i allow throughout my peace to be sold.

The warmth of your hand was my strength and light,
That would kill all my inside demons and let me fight.

We fought, screamed, yelled but still could feel the our vibe,
Never thought it was just we at the end ,all i could scribe.

Chose few words to communicate as our eyes says it all,
Being all bitchy with deeds but would never let me fall.

Enough of our nuisances & everyday heartbreak show,
Just take me to your foreverland & lets together hustle & grow.


26 OCT 2020 AT 1:14

Storms came and passed away ,i didn’t really felt,
Maybe it was you around who let hard chains smelt

Protecting from walking along to carrying me in your shade,
Constant as north star but in materialistic world i let you fade .

My teared eyes and numbness in voice hits you all so hard,
That you flip the tales of world and stood by yourself to gaurd

Your delay i misconcept with my bad fortune and yell
But you’re planning my path as always to never let me fell

Oh universe, Confer me the faith,trusting your divine arrangements.
Grant me gratitude and free me from vices to live in your enslavement.


16 OCT 2020 AT 23:25

Ek shyaam zindagi khud chlkar aai thi milne mujhse,
Kheti sun kuch adhore reh gyi baat kheni baat tujhse.

Guftagoo kar kheti ki mila apne sapno ka number dobara,
Dail kar apni umeediye bas bhut ban liya tune bechara.

Hausla kar kr rakh un adhuri khoshisho seh bi imandari,
Mila ek bada chamach usme thodi sii h mehnat aur himaat ki jodidari

Sapno se kar ishq par mat palio mar mitne ka junoon
Kyuki samudaro ki talesh meh ni gavana zindagi-e- jashn ka sukoon.

Bas ab Mita de durriya khwashio aur manzil ki mat kar yuh ab der,
Palat de apni takdeer kuch yu ki krna padhe khud khuda ko bi pher.


14 OCT 2020 AT 0:00

Bagpack &run to climb peaks
which seems too far,
Lay down on sloppy mud
beneath millions of star.

Tree house & hot choclate beside ,
in laps of hills I surrender
Feel every breeze & could smell the
tossing purple lavenders

Graze the cattle in the meadow &
screams being all wild
Map down the trek ,grill barbecues
and dance like child.

Sight every sunrise &run along
the waterfalls being all insane
Absorbing the smell of the wet soil
after every drizzling rain.

Nights spend writing poetry and
burning all my fears,
Onto the unknown places with
shades of smiles and tears.


10 OCT 2020 AT 0:10

Yes i do miss you far beyond these words could express,
Damn overcomed you ,no more my heart gets depress.

Hey your texts,letters, memories do not burn my peace,
Thankfully turbulence inside me got a way to be cease.

Learnt to stand up for myself enough of talking & seeing,
Done being super crazy and deteriorate my own being.

Tired living your life ,visualising what you want me to see,
This time i seek to shut all old doors and trying being me.

Could realise & map it,that path won’t be rosy in my hustle,
Surely will fix & balance this emerging heart & mind tussle.


30 JUN 2020 AT 1:02

Don’t fix life oh honey, its not you who hold
Just a mere thought of ‘I’ , let your peace sold.

Beyond this body,you’re a tiny soul of the Supreme,
Practice gratitude in your to-do list as forever scheme.

Attachments make you feel proud of all you possess,
Mere a blow of this universe can ruin us as dust & suppress.

C’mon let’s cherish every moment as blessing with our mates.
You never know which is the last breath left in your fate.

Live it all to the fullest though life is meant to serve you lime,
Oh dear,beat it as challenge,This too shall pass with time !


27 JUN 2020 AT 1:15

You were a dream,
so perfect as it seem
Beneath the shade of sky
Filled with joy used to fly
Shared with you all my scars
Miles away still not so far.
Exchange of words all so bright
soothen my heart feeling light.
Zillions of my question all creep
pacified the hurricane in me deep.
All being cranky could scream
& fight over pending ice creams.
Single help turns out to be advise shower
Eventually sunflower turns my favourite flower.


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