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15 JUL AT 17:28

I never wanted to leave that place,
But I was forcibly removed from them.


15 JUL AT 9:02

I think hell is
the beast version of heaven.


11 JUL AT 18:12

It was the purest stage of our love, the excitement and curiosity of getting to know each other, the excited for exploring each other's favorite things,
There was an innocence
A shy little fear and endless doubts, incomplete conversations.
Yah,That was the stage where we began to turn from stangers to known.


11 JUL AT 13:15

Mom, I'm looking pretty beautiful today.. Isn't it ?
Yah baby girl....
From Green,red, yellow to now I'm brown../Smiling innocently/
And For me, my body feels lighter now and weak too...
Yah little princess, antumn arrived and it's your last day in my arms /In the voice of pain/
Maaa...what ? /Innocently/ (and she looked at the shooting star and wished for forever. But the very next moment the wind blew lightly Even the last leaf of the tree began to fall slowly towards the ground)


6 JUL AT 9:25

Is it love entanglement?
From the day we exchanged
our entanglement atoms
I got a fresh sense of love,
Whenever I read the note you wrote,
I feel your voice inside my skull,
I can sense your presence in the
air around me in the
shape of your favorite scent,



30 JUN AT 10:15



22 JUN AT 15:38



19 JUN AT 10:53

And a little sunshine can
bring the rainbow of elegance.


19 JUN AT 10:40

Winning the heart of someone who already loves us is no big deal,
but the real triumph is when you win the heart of someone who hates you,
when they lose their heart they begin to hate themselves and they pretend to be nothing.


18 JUN AT 11:59

My brain and heart went
together to get her soul.


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