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Shreya Dama 22 MAR AT 3:34

Don't search for a man who writes a fairytale for you. Find a man who writes a fairytale with you.


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Shreya Dama 21 JUL 2019 AT 19:05

The one who truly cares makes time and the other makes reasons


Shreya Dama 9 JUN 2019 AT 18:40

If you do not fear losing people, it means you have learnt to accept life as it comes.


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Shreya Dama 1 JUN 2019 AT 16:06

What's on person's face is not often what is there in their heart


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Shreya Dama 24 MAY 2019 AT 21:42

"Why do you smile always?",they asked
I replied back with a smile.
(Only a few knew that it was fake)


Shreya Dama 21 MAY 2019 AT 15:30

Be the queen of the kingdom you built and not the queen of someone else's kingdom.


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Shreya Dama 11 MAY 2019 AT 6:45

It is the happiest soul and happiest smile that can see the pain in your eyes no matter how much you try to hide it


Shreya Dama 5 MAY 2019 AT 21:07

The biggest reward you can give yourself is love (self-love)


Shreya Dama 4 MAY 2019 AT 10:20

I'm sure, all of us would have at some point wondered "who would cry when I die?" We know the pain of it.. why give the same pain to someone else... ??


Shreya Dama 29 APR 2019 AT 23:24

Wait not for the moment that is unknown because at that moment you might be too far to be heard.



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