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नकाबों की इस दुनिया में 
अपनी ही पनाह मे रहना तु 
यहाँ के ना चेहरे सच्चे हे 
और ना ही नक़ाब !

झूठी दुनिया के झूठे फ़साने हैं लोग भी झूठे और झूठे ज़माने हैं. . . . . . . . #yqbaba YourQuote Baba Harsh Snehanshu YourQuote Didi #holi #colours #shade #mask #life #truthoflife #spgyaan

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They heard the first bomb,
but not the rest.

To the children of Syria, We are sorry, that they caught you under gunpoint when it was the time for you to play hide & seek. We are sorry, that you had to scream from the top of your lungs when they stepped in your land just to silence your souls. We are sorry, that you had to ignore the rivers of blood when you were born to explore the oceans of the world. We are sorry, that they feed you bombs and bullets when all you deserve were candies and chocolate. But most of all; we are sorry that 'religion' exist, war isn't just a word from the dictionary, and peace; hasn't been born yet. We are sorry. . . . . . . . . #yqbaba YourQuote Baba #syria #war #terrorism #religion #death #pain #spgyaan

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