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Joined 11 November 2016
22 JUN 2021 AT 22:51

Me: Tapping on the screen to see the name of the person in hoodie in crime thriller

Amazon Prime:


8 JUN 2021 AT 21:58

Prisons are captivating
for a new experience,
To know the tolerance of limits,
the endurance of pain.
It opens up
an entirely new dimension.

But what we forget
Just because it can be,
doesn't mean that it has to be.
It rather be chosen by self,
than imposed by else.


8 NOV 2020 AT 20:04

So Nostalgic of past,
Haunted of future,
That we forget to care for the present.

So engulfed in positives and negatives,
That we ignore the need of neutral.

Always either to be black or white,
That we seem to forget
everything is a shade of grey.

So eager to make it
idealistic or perfectionist,
That we keep the realistic at bay.


8 JUL 2020 AT 23:40

And these days
I am either in a closed room or balcony.
Something new for my body
But my insides are acquainted with that.
Memories have been no different.
They have always been extreme,
more than enough
Either suffocating or chilling
When I was just looking out for the calm.
Alas! Didn't get then,
Don't get now.


21 JUN 2020 AT 21:31


12 MAY 2020 AT 22:12

And when I was messy,
Everyone suggested calmness.
I followed,
but didn't succeed.
All doubted if I really practiced
Or was just pretending
And complaining.
I really did.

But we all forgot
My peace is in chaos and randomness
Not in glitters & vividness.


6 MAY 2020 AT 1:19

कुछ धुंधली सी बातें बाकी हैं,
कुछ अधूरे से ख्वाब बाकी हैं।
तेरी मेरी इक मुलाक़ात बाकी है,

तेरा मेरा साथ बाकी है
या उस उम्मीद की मौत बाकी है।


28 APR 2020 AT 0:36

And no matter how much
you like being in closed doors,
There comes a day
when you miss the fresh air, sunlight.
Just like the way
One feels suffocated inside their head
And gets the craving of being open.

The slightest light from outside
doing wonders in both cases.


24 APR 2020 AT 0:23

Ludo is a real life example

Of how nobody cares much
when you just start taking baby steps,

But keeps an eye on you
when you reach mid way

And feels delighted to kill your hopes
Just when you are about
to complete the struggle.


18 APR 2020 AT 20:52

So I saw it getting worse day by day,
Or rather
I was causing it to be worse
And not even once making it in my favour.
Reached worse,
Causing extreme pain, more than I expected.
But did I change?
Did I do anything to regularise?
I continued the evil ways
And it grew more poisonous.
To the level that it became accustomed.
Nothing mattered any more.
Just one thing was increasing,
The suffering.
Rest all, already reached the brimming point.

Let me remind you.
Still no cure, no precautions
No steps to heal.

And now,
It died.
Freeing me from pain,
But giving the scar and wrinkles
For, quite a long time, if not life.


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