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Joined 7 August 2017
6 DEC AT 22:24

रात यादों में बसर हो रही थी
चाँद की चांदनी जले पे जैसे नमक छिड़क रही थी


30 NOV AT 22:38

सुना है बहुत खाली से रहने लगे हो
माज़ी छोड़ आगे बढ़ने लगे हो?


28 NOV AT 0:43

And here I paint you on the canvas
with the universe shaping it
tracing every inch of yours
For hours into your eyes
and getting high in the nights.

I write and play and play the lyrics
gripping the darkest colour
I melt in it.

Affectionately passing by the cheeks
as you summoned my lips,
with the black spot in between.

I inhaled the deepest music it retained
Gulping the taste of the touch
And I broke as I engulf.


26 NOV AT 1:34

In the absence of his presence
with the presence of his absence

I adore all he created
I adore all I created

All the betweens we love
all the end we hate


23 NOV AT 12:25

सर्द और चाँद रातें


16 NOV AT 17:08

Does love holds our hands again?
Again to fulfill us?
If it does, let it come
Let it come for a milliseconds.

And then after, for eternal.
Some love has to flourish in its
Own home
No again can have that space,
It's just the one


16 NOV AT 16:55

कि कितना तबाह कर लेती हैं
हम लड़कियां अपनी ख्वाइशों को

यह दहलीज़ इतनी सख्त होती हैं क्या?
सखियां, मुझे यह बड़ा रुलाती हैं


14 NOV AT 23:52

And then,
the gasping rage
runs in the eyes
He's going to shine
and leave it all


14 NOV AT 15:41

Beyond everything
This galaxies
This universe, the core
The start, the end
To the verge

From the earth to the moon
And to all this undiscovered
Mysterious and which is revealed
To all those reaching the supreme
To all that's ending the evils

From the smallest atom to the
Vast distances
Apart from the lies
And the truths

The music and the plays
All i know what will win!
Love wins!
Love wins at the end, always.


13 NOV AT 23:20

तुम्हरा यह कहना कि,

"अच्छी लग रही हो",
अब मुझे अच्छा नहीं लगता


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