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Joined 12 August 2017
Sehr 29 AUG AT 18:49

|| बहुत सी बातें हैं जो तुम्हे बतानी है
आना कभी फुरसत में
तुम्हे तुम्हारी ही शिकायतें सुनानी हैं ||


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Sehr 22 JUL AT 15:50

How could you sleep at Night?
Knowing that you Broke someone
inside out


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Sehr 19 JUL AT 15:05

Thing's fall Apart
But nothing Break's like Heart


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Sehr 2 JUL AT 11:24

I know it doesn't makes sense to you
But I saw you Leaving before you actually Left


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Sehr 28 JUN AT 17:01

No matter how much things
goes worse sometimes you try
hard that thing's work out.
You don't want to lose the person.
You are too much scared to lose
them just because you know that
losing them is losing yourself.
You try your best to keep them,do
Whatever they say
But then thing's don't work out as
You wish them to.
They Leave you.
You just don't know how to react,
You just don't know what to do,
You just don't know whom to tell,
You choose to remain silent,
Hide all our emotions but then your
silence Kill's you everyday.



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Sehr 15 MAY AT 10:48

At the Age of 17 He wanted to Sleep with Every Beautiful Girl he Sees

At the Age of 25 He wants a Virgin Wife


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Sehr 2 MAY AT 20:58

of Colleges
After 12th
Cbse Results 🙄


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Sehr 2 MAY AT 10:46

Doing hardwork and Earning Money

Making Memes and Earning Money

25 Din mein Paise Double


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Sehr 1 MAY AT 20:39

Literally Nobody:
Daya in TMKOC: Hey Maa Mata Jii!


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Sehr 30 APR AT 21:52

Jis safar ki koi manzil ni hoti
Woh aksar bahut Khubsurat hote hai!



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