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Fractured Memories



Scars of June

I didn’t realise it till now,
That it is June.
The same month
That brought a kind of destruction.
2 years ago from today
On June 22, 2022, a Wednesday

Do you know, June?
Your memory still haunts me!
I’m getting tears in my eyes
And my inner voice is quivering,
While I’m writing this poem to you.

Hey, June, are you reading this?
Are you able to see? I’m shaking.
Tell me, how can I console myself?
That damage has left its ugly marks,
It still carries its unbearable smell of anxiety!

Tell me, when will you be over?
Will you ever be over,
And let me breathe oxygen of relief?
Tell me, June, how more I’ve to plead?



Addiction of book reading
is a healthy addiction,
do as much and
as profoundly
as you can!


12 JUN AT 21:52

It was the same person who said “I am dead for you from now onwards,” who used to claim and boast that they love me a lot.


12 JUN AT 21:07

Beneath the Surface


31 MAY AT 7:18

One thing I love about following passion is that it doesn't gives a damn whether you were a topper in your college scoring huge percentage, or were a daydreaming backbencher bunking classes every now and then. It accepts you the way you are and chooses to stand by you, no matter what.


28 MAY AT 23:12

It may not be wrong to say that Friendship is now quite habitual experiencing people ditching and abandoning it once they find Love.


27 MAY AT 15:55

I join the office on Mondays directly after returning from my hometown, and Monday feels like for an eternity:


27 MAY AT 11:46

नाके बहुत हैं रास्तों पर, पर मंजिल नहीं।


26 MAY AT 10:55

They: Always have multiple job offers while switching your present job.

Me, who resigned from his previous company without any backup whatsoever:


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