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Joined 6 November 2016
8 MAY AT 21:09

She used to
scold me,
beat me,
punish me
in the first half of the day
And then
cried herself
in the second half.


8 MAY AT 21:08

किसके हिस्से क्या आया

ग़ौरतलब तो ये है

कि हिसाब ने ही हिसाब बिगाड़ा है !


8 MAY AT 21:06

The World is with her
She is the World.

The Life is with her
She is the Life.


6 MAR AT 11:27

He - Will you marry me?

She - I have a boyfriend.

He - So, Shall I ask him?

She - 🥶


27 NOV 2021 AT 15:35

Syncing with the thoughts in mind
Dancing on the beats of heart
Walking on the path of love
Sleeping in the arms of life.


27 NOV 2021 AT 15:31

वो समय है

आता ही है गुजरने के लिए

और वापिस नहीं आने के लिए ।


27 NOV 2021 AT 10:12

मैं उजालों की तलाश में नहीं
मुझे बस तेरा हाथ चाहिए,

मैं अच्छे हालत में नहीं
मुझे बस तेरा साथ चाहिए ।


27 NOV 2021 AT 10:05

Take challenges in life
not to prove
your capabilities to others
but to keep the pace of your life
synced with your reason to live
& your life to purpose.


27 NOV 2021 AT 6:37

a world
where imagination has
no leaps and bounds and
where I can swing freely
in the nature’s arms.


26 NOV 2021 AT 23:43

my world
my beautiful world
where I’m set free
where I’m allowed to be myself
where I’m happening
where I’m contented
where I do love &
where I’m being loved.


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